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A compact little slice of culture here as The Link Quartet’s Paolo Apollo gets his Brazilian groove on with dad Antonio Negri on the sticks for their 7″ Sambabila EP. No, they haven’t invented a new sub-genre, Sambabila is merely a portmanteau of samba (for obvious reasons) and San Babila – one of Milan’s most famous squares. Er – why? Well because while neither of the two have actually

THE LINK QUARTET feat. NASSER BOUZIDA: The Saint-Tropez Heist/ Nizza Connection (Vinyl 7″)

The Saint-Tropez HeistLeaving less of a gap between releases than the last time the monkey heard of them, those raiders of a lost past, The Link Quartet, return this week with a new vinyl 7″ single and more 60s mod-fuzz than you can handle. A-side burner The Saint-Tropez Heist is a feverish bit of Hammond beat rendered all the more energetic by the presence of the band’s like-minded accomplice, Nasser ‘The

THE LINK QUARTET: Secret Sessions LP

THE LINK QUARTET: Secret Sessions LPSeems like yonks ago that Hammond fiends The Link Quartet (now celebrating their quarter century!) last had anything out and a quick trawl of the interweb reveals that, actually it has been a couple of years, so a full length LP – in this case live recorded effort Secret Sessions – is long overdue. It does appear that these sessions are so secret that they’re – ahem – still keeping almost

ANDRÉ M: Dodged A Bullet (Vinyl 7″)

ANDRÉ M:  Dodged A Bullet (Vinyl 7Like fellow travellers Big Boss Man, The Bongolian and the Qualitons, André M could surely find no greater happiness than being transported back to 1969 and forced to repeat it in a sort of mod-themed Groundhog Year-type experience for the term of his natural life. But what’s a man do about such an affliction? Seek help for obsessive nostalgia perhaps? What? Are you mental? This is