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KID ACNE: Null & Void LP

KID ACNE: Null & Void LPRating: ★★★★★ Clearly making up for the twelve year gap between 2007’s Romance Ain’t Dead and 2019’s excellent Have A Word, Kid Acne’s follow-up to the latter, Null & Void, is out already. And while many things should be null and void in today’s benighted world, this new long player certainly isn’t one of them, taking everything that worked brilliantly on its predecessor and doing it

KID ACNE feat. JEHST: Neon Fogou

KID ACNE feat. JEHST: Neon FogouSterling beats and rhymes from the top team of ‘our’ Kid Acne and Chicago producer Spectacular Diagnostics again with a little help from Jehst on the new single Neon Fogou. Neon what?! You know – fogou – ancient underground structures of indeterminate usage? No? Never mind – although it does bring to mind the megalith and monolith references of previous Kid Acne releases at any

KID ACNE feat. TAJA: Flame Wars

Did you know Kid Acne’s got another new album called Null And Void on the way already? Well he has and here’s the next single Flame Wars which should certainly warm things up for your ears. Our Kid and Taja go head-to-head on the mic over another glorious beat from Spectacular Diagnostics that wouldn’t be out of place on a DOOM or Czarface release. References to