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SPARK ARRESTER: Betwixt The Lines (2015)

Betwixt The Lines Spark ArresterIt’s that Virginian again – Spark Arrester that is, with new EP Betwixt The Lines. And betwixt the lines he is, not to mention crossing them, re-crossing them and doubling back as he weaves in and out of breaks, glitch-hop and nufunk mingling original composition with samples. Stomp Thang kicks off with tense violin and briefly threatens to go all gypsy on your ass before the modern

SPARK ARRESTER: Take Your Time (2015) Free download

Take Your Time Spark ArresterRating: ★★★★★ There was a time a few years ago when every song seemed to have a little bit of vocoder on it. Funnily enough, it was about the same time that you couldn’t turn a corner (or find somewhere to stand at a gig) without being thrust aside by the noisy Ozomatli-conga as they made their way from green room to stage. But what happens if you reverse the situation and reduce

SPARK ARRESTER: Yiri Sun EP (2014) Free download

Yiri Sun EP Spark ArresterSpark Arrester casts wide his net of influences on the Yiri Sun EP and winds up hauling in 80s afro-cubanisms, chunky MPC hip-hop beats and frequency-bending synths as well as a bit of folk from Sixto ‘Sugarman’ Rodriguez. The latter turns up on the uptempo strings ‘n all funky breaks of Theme Of The Sun while the rest forms the sum of the really quite beautiful Yiri Yiri Boom. And the

ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA: Long Black Road (SPARK ARRESTER re-edit) (2014) Free download

Long Black Road Spark ArresterAs if tampering with the soft rock behemoth of Chicago wasn’t enough, it’s now the turn of prog rock leviathans Electric Light Orchestra to undergo the Spark Arrester treatment. His prey is their obscure, Japan-only released Long Black Road off 2001 comeback LP Zoom. You can cop the prodigious wobble-bass result below though I should also point out that Spark Arrester

SPARK ARRESTER: Windy City Soul (2014) Free download

Windy City Soul Spark ArresterIf you weren’t aware, a spark arrestor is any device which prevents the emission of flammable debris from combustion sources. Which means producer Spark Arrester is guilty of dereliction of duty since Windy City Soul is a smouldering glitchy, ghetto funk slow burner containing elements of Chicago track 25 Or 6 To 4 and Back To Life by Soul II Soul, the fretwork of Basement Freak