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SON OF SAM feat. SOUNDSCI: Put It On Ya (2017)

SON OF SAM feat. SOUNDSCI: Put It On YaWhat has proved to be a ‘summer of Sam’ continues into the early autumn as Tom Caruana’s live hip-hop outfit Son Of Sam drops yet another single, Put It on Ya, featuring Soundsci, off the forthcoming Cinder Hill long player. Put It On Ya follows Prince Po-collab. Flying Fist and the Masta Ace & Large Pro-featuring Come A Long Way. The track finds Soundsci lyrically – er

WHIRLWIND D: Other Side (2016)

Other Side Whirlwind DVeteran emcee Whirlwind D has recently dropped his ten-track Other Side LP (his second solo long-player) which features guest appearances from Project Cee, Specifik, Heavy Links, Illinspired, Dookie Squad and Soundsci’s Oxygen. He’s even managed to coax former Numskullz mic manipulator Rola to knock out a few bars. Production comes from Specifik (again), Phil Wilks

BIG BOOM BAP: Dope I Mean (2015)

Dope I Mean Big Boom BapHmm – a crew called Big Boom Bap; a release called Dope I Mean…no…no clue what that’s likely to be. Is not an observation that’s ever likely to be levelled at this – for where it’s coming from couldn’t be more self-evident if G Roc, Vers One and DJ Fresh painted the phrase ’90s-style phat shit’ in fluoro colours on their bare arses. And you’ll be pleased to hear that the release doesn’t