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SOUL’S PATH ENSEMBLE: Another Mother Pt. 1 & 2 (Vinyl 7″)

SOUL'S PATH ENSEMBLE: Another Mother Pt. 1…and back to something funky. The hands of Lucky ‘Joel Ricci’ Brown are all over laid back, horns-laden 45 Another Mother Pts 1 and 2 from Soul’s Path Ensemble. First up is Part 1, a sparse barnyard strut all about the drums and horns and not so much a song as a musical impersonation of a cocky young rooster. And what do cocky young roosters do? That’s right they stake out their

THE L.B.s: Broasted Or Fried b/w SOUL’S PATH ENSEMBLE: Stop Tryin’ (Vinyl 7″)

Unintentionally overlooked at the start of the month as the Covid chaos continued is this split vinyl 7″ from Rocafort Records featuring a brace of instrumentals – a cover of Willie Bobo classic funky jam Broasted & Fried by the L.B.s. backed with Soul’s Path Ensemble’s languid Stop Tryin’ on the other. Despite one occupying the party end of the funky spectrum and the other a more