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MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top Ten Tracks 2021

MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Tracks 2021
Based on a highly complex algorithm derived from how often shit gets played on the MB sound system, this chart details the monkey’s biggest albums of 2021!
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KERBSIDE COLLECTION: GlazeRating: ★★★★★ Ok, the monkey overlooked this one but it was for personal reasons so hopefully that’ll excuse the late coverage of Glaze from Aussie ensemble Kerbside Collection. And what Glaze is, is a slice of summery, funky library music-style groove. It says here, ‘Are you ready to sunbathe on the golden beaches of Queensland?’ but to be honest it’s the sun-drenched blacktop of

GIZELLE SMITH: Agony Road/ Riot Cars

GIZELLE SMITH:  Agony Road/ Riot CarsMighty Mocambos singer Gizelle Smith drops two new cuts off the spring’s Revealing album with the release of the moody Agony Road and the even moodier Riot Cars – a.k.a. that LP’s opener and closer respectively. The former is powered by a driving funk beat featuring guitars and a lyrical exploration of the seven stages of grief. The latter opens with creepy FX that gradually fade into

ALAN EVANS TRIO: Elephant Head

ALAN EVANS TRIO:  Elephant HeadAlan Evans Trio’s new cinematic funk LP Elephant Head drops on 26 November but ahead of that (thank you, I’m here all week!) the title track has been released as a single. Cue the trio launching into swirling retro-tinged psych-funk drenched in wah-wah (on both guitar and keys) with some snarling car-chase guitar grandstanding that almost breaks out into a rock solo. In other words

SOUL FLIP EDITS 13: The Snake / You Don’t Know What You Got Until You Lose (SENIOR CITIZEN Edits) (Vinyl 7″)

SOUL FLIP EDITS 13: The SnakeAnd so welcome to the Soul Flip Edits 13 vinyl 7″, on which Greece’s Senior Citizens (no, not those kind of senior citizens!) apply themselves to the work of Al Wilson and Bobby Hebb to see if they can’t flip it for the twenty-first century without losing that golden era soul feel. How did they do? Very well of course or they wouldn’t have made it onto a piece of ‘Flip wax at all! First to be taken in

FOLD: Aphelion – A Tribute To Lorraine Hansbury

FOLD: Aphelion - A Tribute To Lorraine HansburyCause for celebration, if you been following the progress of Leeds outfit Fold on MB, is the news that their long-awaited Aphelion – A Tribute To Lorraine Hansbury album is finally out. Those familiar with previous work from the band will be aware that they’ve carved out a musical niche fitting the spoken words of inspirational figures to original music that draws influence from library

CRUSHED VELVET & THE VELVETEERS: Shake / Really Can’t Get Over You (Vinyl 7″)

Just out from the Crushed Velvet & The Velveteers project of Soulive’s Alan Evans comes this upbeat 45 featuring new track Shake and Love & Truth LP cut Really Can’t Get Over You. The former is the brisker of the two opening with a big horns vamp and proceeding no doubt to lay waste to contemporary soul and funk dancefloors as Melanie Masson belts out the lyrics over a driving

THE PRO-TEENS: Peachfuzz b/w One Beer (Vinyl 7″)

THE PRO-TEENS: Peach Fuzz b/w One Beer (Vinyl 7The next vinyl 7″ from Melbourne’s The Pro-Teens finds the instrumental outfit delivering a double celebration of the work of Daniel Dumile with covers of tracks from two different eras of the man’s work. On the one side, KMD’s Peachfuzz from their first LP Mr Hood gets transformed into a lo-fi cinematic groove with fuzzy distorted bass while on the other it’s the turn of MF Doom cut


FRANKIE BEVERLY'S RAW SOUL:  What ColorRating: ★★★★★ It’s stanky no-prisoners funk time here on Brewerytown Records re-release of What Color by Frankie Beverly’s Raw Soul. Alternately-titled Color Blind, this cut from 1971 is re-released with a previously unheard instrumental take and Brewerytown Records got both versions mixed and remastered in stereo by veterans Tom Moulton and Peter Humphreys using their experiences from

BENNY TROKAN: Get It In The End (Vinyl 7″)

BENNY TROKAN: Get It In The End (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ If you’re not hip to this cheeky little nugget from Benny Trokan on Daptone Records’ new rock imprint Wick Records yet – it’s about time you were. And don’t let the word ‘rock’ trouble you either, Get It In The End is about as funky as a slice of freakbeat can get. The track originally appeared on Wick LP, Battle of the Bands, Vol. 1 but has been so popular the label