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THE DIASONICS: Gurami/ Gradient (Vinyl 7″)

THE DIASONICS:  GuramiFor those who thought the only funk coming out of Russia was The Soul Surfers, meet Moscow’s The Diasonics, the new signing to Milan-based label Record Kicks and proponents of what the band call ‘Hussar Funk’. That’ll be a blend of their favourite cinematic soul, eastern European and psychedelic influences over a fine selection of heavy breakbeats then. A-side Gurami is the one with

VARIOUS: The Originals Vol. 1

The Originals Vol. 1 Golden RulesDropping slightly later than summer (as originally intended) contemporary funk compilation LP The Originals Vol.1 from German label Golden Rules is finally here! Following the lengthy run-up of digital singles which included every one of the fourteen tracks featured hereon as a digital single, this release provides the opportunity to hear everything on physical format too coming, as it

VARIOUS: Down & Wired 5 and 6: A Dose Of Psychedelic Funk & Blue Eyed Soul

VARIOUS: Down & Wired 5 and 6A double dose of psychedelic funk and blue-eyed soul? You like the sound of that don’t you? Of course you do which is why you’ll be feeling the two latest volumes of such musical goings-on from the Perfect Toy label. It’s hard to get stuff more obscure than what turns up on these comps. so rest assured you are extremely unlikely to have heard it elsewhere. Indeed, it’s the sort of thing

OREGANO: Melting Sand / Transmitter (Vinyl 7″)

Rating: ★★★★★ If you dig psych-soul, it’s most definitely your week since the second of two forthcoming Delights Records releases announced by Markey Funk (following the Les Hippies re-release) is this piece of 7″ glory from Oregano:  Melting Sands b/w Transmitter. Oregano? Ah yes – a new collab. between our Markey and, wait for it, Shawn Lee, Eleven 76’s Paul Elliott and RPS

LES HIPPIES: Souci b/w Soleil Couchant (Vinyl 7″)

LES HIPPIES:  SouciThe first in a double autumn helping from Markey Funk’s Delights Records label is a 45 re-release of the label’s now ten year old inaugural drop from Les Hippies. You’ll have absolutely no worries about A-side Souci serving up the goods consisting, as it does, of gloriously laid-back sitar-powered psychedelia. Indeed – look at the title closely (and listen with equal attention) to a track

NÉSTOR ÁLVAREZ: Fuego/ THE SUPERSONICS: The Chosen One (Vinyl 7″)

NÉSTOR ÁLVAREZ: FuegoAs the promo for this one points out, while Original Gravity Records only came into being in 2017, the recording history of label boss Neil Anderson stretches back a lot further than that. Which is why this Néstor Álvarez/ The Supersonics 45 is part of the ‘Original Gravity Archive Series’ since it features one recording from 1998 (!) and another from 2010. On the A-side, Mr Anderson

THE ALLERGIES: Promised Land (Album)

THE ALLERGIES: Promised Land (Album)Rating: ★★★★★ The Allergies finally make it to the Promised Land on their new studio LP and boy have they got every intention of taking you there as well! It’s the duo’s fifth studio LP since 2016 though they’ve maintained such a ridiculously high output of releases in that time as to render surprise at such a schedule obsolete. Let’s consider instead the mental anguish they must

SAM REDMORE: On The One (Vinyl 7″)

New Jalapeno signing Sam Redmore is all On The One on his debut 45 with Renegade Brass Band and emcee/ poet Mr Auden Allen. Is this a celebration of the rhythmic structure of the funk or a call for racial unity? Turns out it’s both – or maybe we should say ‘all one’ to those concerned. Expect frantic rolling drum breaks, Latin percussive and piano stylings and more brass than a barful of comedy soap opera landladies. Man, that is a lot of brass. Should certainly have punters behaving in the desired manner, again, not unlike a barful of comedy soap opera landladies. Turns out an album follows in the spring. Watch this space.
(Out now (digital)/ Pre-order vinyl for shipping 19 November on Jalapeno Records)

SOUL’S PATH ENSEMBLE: Another Mother Pt. 1 & 2 (Vinyl 7″)

SOUL'S PATH ENSEMBLE: Another Mother Pt. 1…and back to something funky. The hands of Lucky ‘Joel Ricci’ Brown are all over laid back, horns-laden 45 Another Mother Pts 1 and 2 from Soul’s Path Ensemble. First up is Part 1, a sparse barnyard strut all about the drums and horns and not so much a song as a musical impersonation of a cocky young rooster. And what do cocky young roosters do? That’s right they stake out their

COOKIN’ ON 3 BURNERS: The World Is Cold/ Ms Fat Booty (Vinyl 7″)

COOKIN' ON 3 BURNERS:  The World Is ColdLooking for emceeing over fat stanky funk? Look no further than the latest Cookin’ On 3 Burners single, The World Is Cold, which finds the veteran Melbourne outfit return with their first studio recording after what has turned out to be (due to Covid regs.) their longest ever break from touring and recording. The A-side generates plenty of musical fire to which Mantra and Jane Tyrell add