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ERIC BOSS: Bad Luck Rating: ★★★★★ “If it wasn’t for bad luck/ I wouldn’t have no luck at all,” muses Eric Boss on new single Bad Luck craftily channeling an everyman vibe as old as the blues genes in funk and soul’s bloodline. It’s not just the classic simplicity of the hook that appeals either; there’s the raw drums, the sparse blaxploitation wah-wah guitar, the pulsing bass on the verses, the horns

THE ALLERGIES: Commanding 45s Mixtape – Free download

THE ALLERGIES: Commanding 45s MixtapeI don’t know, though I have been told, an Allergies mix is…
UNBELIEVABLE! Get on that dancefloor and throw some shapes private or I’ll stick my boot so far up your ass the sweat from my knee will save you going to the bar!
Ulp, blimey its Commanding 45s, the new mixtape idea The Allergies’ thought of while driving to a gig

LEE FIELDS: Will I Get Off Easy (Vinyl 7″) + video + 2019 tour dates

LEE FIELDS:  Will I Get Off Easy (Vinyl 7Soul survivor Lee Fields celebrated fifty years in the business this year and, with absolutely no signs of slowing down whatsoever, drops the video to Will I Get Off Easy, the flip to the title track, from forthcoming long-player, It Rains Love. Will he get off easy!? What have you been up to now Lee, you sly old dog? The lyrics are conveniently nebulous – he’s been stopping out late again

LUCKY BROWN & THE SG’s: Sweet Tea (With My Sweetie) (Vinyl 7″)

On the PR blah, it says that Lucky Brown & The SG’s Sweet Tea (With My Sweetie) is the only ‘lost track’ from the sessions that produced last LP Mesquite Suite and damn if you won’t be glad they ‘found’ it again. Given the fact that the album took an afro-funky and film-score jazzy direction, you can see why a fat spit-and-sawdust, shuffling Texas-funk nugget like Sweet Tea might not have

KELLY FINNEGAN: I Don’t Wanna Wait + ‘Catch Me I’m Falling’ video

KELLY FINNEGAN:  I Don't Wanna Wait + 'Catch Me I'm Falling' videoThose who haven’t had enough smouldering soul of the Lee Fields variety lately will be champing at the bit when they hear the opener and lead single from forthcoming album The Tales People Tell by Monophonics lead singer Kelly Finnegan which employs a similar sonic aesthetic to Field’s work on Big Crown. As if that’s not enough, there’s also a new video for Catch Me I’m Falling which is also on

SMOOVE & TURRELL: Solid Brass: Ten Years Of Northern Funk

SMOOVE & TURRELL: Solid Brass: Ten Years Of Northern FunkHoway man! Was it really as long ago as 2009 that Smoove & Turrell burst onto the scene with debut album Antique Soul prompting the monkey to re-name Smoove, ‘Berry Geordie’? You’d better believe it! Ten whole years of solid brass – er – I mean solid gold releases – and whether you call it ‘northern funk’ or ‘northern coal’, it’s been a whirlwind ride of world-beating music that has


THE LEBRON BROTHERS ORCHESTRA:  Psychedelic Goes LatinIf you were only ever going to get yourself one Latin soul record – it would probably have to be this one – 1967 classic Psychedelic Goes Latin by Puerto Rican outfit The Lebron Brothers Orchestra. The very epitome of the Latin boogaloo melting pot of salsa, mambo, soul and funk, it’s a bare eight tracks deep – every one of which could have


THE ALLERGIES:  Keep It Moving EPYou’re going the distance, going for speed, carefully clambering up the greasy pole of the music business but what to do in the lull between albums? Why – keep things moving of course! And so it is that Bristol’s funky sons The Allergies drop new four track EP Keep It Moving. The title track, naturally, is the Skunkadelic-featuring number

SMOOVE & TURRELL: Mount Pleasant Remixed Vol. 2

SMOOVE & TURRELL:  Mount Pleasant Remixed Vol. 2Mount Pleasant Remixed Vol. 2 follows Vol. 1 as Smoove & Turrell once more make free with the stems from their latest LP. Perhaps they launched them over their heads to remixers like a pair of coy northern brides tossing flowers to a baying pit of single ladies at a wedding – we’ll never know. What is certain is that the ones who got lucky are Flevans, The Allergies and once again Valique –

BOBBY OROZA: Your Love Is Too Cold b/w Deja Vu (Vinyl 7″)

BOBBY OROZA:  Your Love Is Too Cold b/w Deja Vu (Vinyl 7Big Crown signing Bobby Oroza is from Finland and has a new vinyl 7″ out – Your Love Is Too Cold. But if you’re expecting music that speaks of grim arctic winters, wind and snow howling around where you’re holed up drinking vodka until the sun returns some time around June, forget it. Despite its title, Oroza’s new one is an uptempo retro-soul cut that draws from northern, surf and psychedelic