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SOOPASOUL (feat. DIONNE CHARLES): Hot & Cold b/w Hustlin’ (Vinyl 7″)

Jalapeno Records gets on a 45 re-issue tip with eleven year old Soopasoul 7″ Hot & Cold b/w Hustlin’.  Some of you may remember that the first of these features erstwhile Baby Charles vocalist Dionne Charles holding forth about the antics of a pain-in-the-arse love interest over a super-heavy organ-n-wah-powered funky breakbeat groove. Invert your wax on the turntable platter and you’ll find Hot & Cold‘s

SOOPASOUL: Ya Looking Tight/ Soopasoul Theme (Vinyl 7″)

SOOPASOUL:  Ya Looking Tight/ Supersoul Theme (Vinyl 7Not least of the tidal wave of vinyl 45s coming out at the minute, the new seven inch from Soopasoul will be – what – the fourth Jalapeno 45 in as many weeks – when it drops next week. Featuring Ya Looking Tight and Soopasoul Theme, this drop may ring bells since both tracks originally appeared back in 2009 on Soopa’s debut LP Twin Stix – albeit in the sprawling glory that twelve inches of

JOHN TURRELL: The Kingmaker Remixed Pt 2

JOHN TURRELL: The Kingmaker Remixed Pt 2 When John Turrell got a well-deserved re-release of his solo debut album, The Kingmaker, last year on Jalapeno Records, it was surely only a matter of time before the remix package came out. Or rather packages since this is The Kingmaker Remixed Part 2. But where on earth was the singing half of Smoove & Turrell (the jewel in the crown of Jalapeno Records’ artist

SOOPASOUL: If It Ain’t Funky Back It Up (Vinyl 7″)

SOOPASOUL: If It Ain't Funky Back It Up (Vinyl 7‘If it ain’t funky back it up,’ runs the sureshot male vocal hook of Soopasoul’s new 45 – er – If It Ain’t Funky Back It Up which channels the JBs in such a reliable manner that it’s in precisely no danger whatsoever of having to engage reverse gear. Naturally that means you can expect an upbeat, uptempo rhythm drenched in horns and funky guitar chops. Still, if you’re not backing up, there’s

BOBBY BYRD/ LYN COLLINS: Hot Pants – I’m Coming Coming I’m Coming/ Mama Feelgood (SOOPASOUL edits) 7″ (2017)

BOBBY BYRD/ LYN COLLINS:  Hot Pants - I'm Coming Coming I'm Coming/ Mama Feelgood (SOOPASOUL edits) 7Rating: ★★★★★ Not that this needs any plugging you understand because I can imagine that like DJ Soopasoul’s other two recent massive sets of seven inch funk edits, this 45 is very likely to sell out. Indeed – you’ll be lucky to find a copy of Vol. 1 – his subtle tweak of the queen of soul’s Respect. This time around though, Soop. done stole Bobby Byrd’s not-in-any-way sexual Hot

TIMEWARP INC: Ghetto Drunk Remixed Vol. 2

Timewarp Inc.‘s Ghetto Drunk LP from back in February gets a another whirl around the remix tree on this second volume of remixes which travels (not unsurprisingly) by the name of Remixed Volume 2. This time it’s the turn of Umbo, Soopasoul, mSdoS, Apedroid, Angel Funke, Atfunk, Trotter, Gabriel Rocca, The Spank!, and MustBeat Crew to put their own