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BLAKTRIX: ‘Some People Never Go Crazy’ LP (2011) + video

An album with six tracks and an intro? I’ve known longer EPs! Mind you some people are never happy are they? After all, here is one of the UK’s finer rhymers and UK hip-hop’s next-man, Blaktrix with his latest drop Some People Never Go Crazy. Of the best cuts, former single No Drama is the first and it’s here that we find Blaktrix and buddy Ralph Ripshit delivering mellow stoner advice about


Gotta represent for this cut featuring two of the monkey’s favourite UK rappers. No Drama (apparently) finds Blaktrix effortlessly extolling effortlessness in a way that suggests he might have just had a ‘special’ cigarette. It’s a notion not entirely dispelled by a chorus which runs thus: “Time to break out the papers, inhale the vapours…Time to grind up the trees and blaze a few acres.” And who should he invite to join him on this lazy, hazy journey up the river of meandering thought but