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SOME DJ: Ghetto Funk Presents (GFPD08) (2012) – Free download

Latest in a run of freebie EPs from the mighty Ghetto Funk machine is this four-tracker from Some DJ. It would have gone up a lot earlier but for my personal battle with the mighty Apple Macintosh machine. All I can say is there’s a letter heading to California you smug-faced, air-conditioned wankers – I know where you fucking live. More difficult to track down might be Some DJ

D-FUNK & SOME DJ vs. Mark Ronson: Ooh Wee Watch Out (2011) – Free download

It’s all about Mark Ronson’s classic Ghostface-featuring party anthem from 2003 re-versioned for the ghetto funk era on Ooh Wee Watch Out. Or as D-Funk and Some DJ bill it, “The Mark Ronson classic ‘Ooh Wee’ with more drums, bass & vocals…” Now, you may feel that the original wasn’t exactly lacking in any of these departments but – hey! – that was at a time when Mark Ronson was still good, everything got released on phonographic

SOME DJ & MR CHOMBEE: It’s Summertime (2011)

It’s summer time? Not round here it bloody isn’t. This notwithstanding, Some DJ and trusty sidekick Mr Chombee dig out and dust off Mungo Jerry’s notorious drink drive anthem creating the perfect weapon for the ghetto funk DJ who’s got stitched up by the promoter with the wedding disco crowd by mistake. Over on the flip it’s Rob Base and DJ EZ Rock’s It Takes Two that gets a second look through Some DJ’s warped ghetto