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SNOOP DOGG: Drop It Like It’s Hot (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Pastel Pimp remix)

SNOOP DOGG: Drop It Like It's Hot (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Pastel Pimp remix)Pastel Pimp remix? I like the sound of that. And what more appropriate title could there be for a remix of Snoop’s planet-sized hit which replaces the original beat with a seventies-sampling frankenstein’s monster of a groove that nabs bits of soundtrack from The Mack, Carwash, Magnum Force and Rollerball? I like the sound of that too. Swirling wah-wah, rolling funk drums, piano

SNOOP DOGG: Snoop’s Upside Ya Head (BRUNO BORLONE Remix)

SNOOP DOGG: Snoop's Upside Ya Head (BRUNO BORLONE Remix)Chilean producer Bruno Borlone’s been away for a while but as you’ll hear, he still seems to be doggystylin’ on Edit Row with shit locked down and sewed up on the first of two Snoop Dogg remixes today. This particular one finds one Calvin Broadus Jr. well and truly upside your head on Borlone’s version of – er – Snoop’s Upside Ya Head. Out goes the minimal G-funk fuzz of the original and in

FLIP SKATEBOARDS: ‘Extremely Sorry’ Soundtrack

The last track on this sees Warren G give old Nate a pass and hook up instead with another Dogg – Snoop by name – you might have heard of him. Also, if you’ve ever wondered what Motorhead’s Lemmy sounds like singing on anything other than Ace Of Spades now’s your chance to find out as he does a totally un-ironic cover of Stand By Me with his two lovely assistants: L.A. based ‘alternative/ thrash/ electronica’ producer (according to his myspace) Baron (the lynchpin behind this soundtrack) and pro-skater Geoff Rowley who now (according to wikipedia) resides in Huntington Beach, Orange County. I stayed in Huntington Beach once. I didn’t see Rowley but I did see a couple nearly get arrested for dancing in a bar that didn’t have a ‘licence’ for dancing.

Current skateboard films use old tracks that you most likely have heard before, Flip’s EXTREMELY SORRY soundtrack is definitely one of a kind, produced in Southern California by UK premier league Producer & DJ BARON. Best known in the UK for his Drum & Bass productions and work with record label Breakbeat Kaos (Baron’s 2006/2007 tracks, “At The Drive In” and “Drive in, Drive by” both reached the #1 spot on the UK Dance Charts and his releases are featured heavily on Zane Lowe & Annie Macs Radio 1 shows), the soundtrack Baron has created for EXTREMELY SORRY instead features an broard array of musical styles that match each skater’s part in the film, crafting a completely unique audio/visual experience.
As well as BARON making some jaw dropping instrumental tracks, he also collaborated with Lemmy Kilmister (Motorhead), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Jim Lindberg (Pennywise), Mack Winston (Mack Winston and the Reflections), Black Mountain, ((Sounder)), Early Man, Snoop Dogg and Warren G to make a soundtrack that is as highly anticipated as the film itself.
From atmospheric soundscapes to industrial thrashers, the soundtrack covers an expansive spectrum of music and is stand out from start to finish. The highlights include a classic cover of Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” (ft. Lemmy Kilmister & Dave Lombardo), “The End Of The Beginning” (ft. Black Mountain), “Ignition,” “Burn Out Like Fireflies” (ft. ((Sounder))) and “Process Of Extinction” (ft. Early Man).
BARON worked closely for countless hours with EXTREMELY SORRY director and star of the film Geoff Rowley, to score original songs that match up with each skater’s personal style, It was also Rowley who was the one who helped Baron initially connect with the skaters to legitimize the process with them as well as with the rest of the skateboard industry.
“EXTREMELY SORRY has been 4 years in the making and THE most insane journey I have been on. The music was made to serve the skateboarding and the skateboarding is epic.” – Baron
Flip Skateboards was founded in 1991 as a vision to create a modernized skateboard brand, incorporating the highest levels of riders from all ages and genres. The Flip brand message has consistently been a representation of skateboarding’s off beat lifestyle and subculture. Some of the world’s most legendary skaters are stars of the Flip team, as well as the next crop of ripping amateurs and sponsored riders from around the world. Flip is set to release their third video in the Sorry trilogy EXTREMELY SORRY in October 2009. The soundtrack will be released by Volcom Entertainment on December 7th, 2009 and is sure to be the benchmark for all future skate films in both the scope of the music and it’s unique distribution collaboration.

Listen to Flip Skateboards – ‘Extremely Sorry’ soundtrack

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