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SMOKEY BANDITS: Rehab (2014)

Rehab Refugee Smokey BanditsAre you in the mood for midtempo flamenco-fied breaks with splashes of fiery Andalusian trumpets? Are you also in the mood for grandiose dub with equally fiery Andalusian trumpets and steppin’ hammond? You are? Man, you’re so in luck! That’s precisely what those Smokey Bandits Giorgios Fotiadis (Basement Freaks) and his buddy Dmitris Nassos (Quasamodo) have in store for you in the

SMOKEY BANDITS: Debut Remixed Vol. 2 (2013)

It seems like only two shakes of a mustang’s tail since everyone’s favourite Balkan/ Mex-American breakbeat outlaws Smokey Bandits struck a deal with one wild bunch of remixers and now here they are again with another lot. Well actually with one survivor from the previous lot – Renegades Of Jazz. But then he’s the fastest jazz-slinger in the west so no one messes with him. Probably why he’s

SMOKEY BANDITS: Debut Remixed Vol. 1 (2013)

George Fotiadis and Quasamodo enlist the aid of a wild bunch of remix bandoleros on what the ‘Vol. 1’ tag would indicate is only the first in a collection of remixes of Smokey Bandits‘ debut LP Debut. Buffalo soldier Blend Mishkin dubs up the riddim on dusty reggae cut Smoke From The Attic, Washington bandidos Empresarios increase the beat on A Son’s Lament, and remix rustler

SMOKEY BANDITS: The Rooster (2013) + Holidays In The Sun (Bobby C Sound TV remix) free download

Not little, not red but a rooster nonetheless – The Rooster is the current single from Basement Freaks‘ George Fotiadis with his Balkan/ Mex-American side project Smokey Bandits. It comes in four different types of ‘plumage’ – original, samba, Savages Y Suefo and AfroQBen and there’s also get a free Bobby C remix of Smokey Bandits’ Holidays In The Sun thrown in too. Quality

SMOKEY BANDITS: Debut (2013) + ‘Cape Juby’ free download

Smokey Bandits debut – er – Debut was big in Greece when it first came out. And yet this thirteen-track collection of original instrumentals created by Basement Freaks‘ George Fotiadis, his homie Quasamodo and ragtag band of rebel musicians (no doubt unshaven types, with a glint in their eyes and bandoliers criss-crossing their chests) slipped under the radar elsewhere