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SECOND HAND AUDIO: Extended Play (Remixed)(2017)

second-hand-audio-extended-play-remixedThe six tracks of Second Hand Audio‘s excellent hip-hop drop Extended Play from last year get a second crack of the whip on Extended Play Remixed in which play is indeed extended to a whopping ten tracks. That’ll be no fewer than three versions of Psycho Les-featuring banger Brand New then (courtesy of Slynk, DJP and Ugly

SLYNK: Front Yard Futon (2015)

Front Yard Futon SlynkPossibly a front yard futon in BC is a different affair to the sodden, mildewed, rotting pile that such a title conjures to the British mind but then again, having experienced the full might of a downpour in the ‘temperate’ rain forests of the Canadian West Coast, I’m not so sure. Slynk must have been thinking of his native Australian West Coast where you must be able to leave anything

YOUNG BLACK TEENAGERS: Tap The Bottle (Slynk remix) (2014) Free download

Tap The Bottle remix SlynkTap that bottle too hard this NYE when you’re out carousing and you just know you’re going to have to pick up some pieces. Were that to be the case, this very number would be your evening’s anthem consisting, as it does, of the ‘pella to Young Black Teenagers’ 90s b-boy anthem Tap The Bottle and a beat largely consisting of the Average White Band’s ubiquitous sax-funk noodle Pick Up The

CALAGAD 13: Back To Power (Astrofunks Astro Edit)(2014) Free download

Funk Power Astro FunksAstrofunks‘ debut label release is in the offing and what better way to drum up some interest than by the time-honoured method of doing a freebie? In this case it’s their unofficial remix of Calagad 13’s James Brown-based 2011 cut Back To The Power where they go heavy on the 80s-style drum machine snares, throw in a bit of Ultramagnetics’ Poppa Large and nick a sample

SLYNK: Funk Fascination EP (2014) Free download

Funk Fascination EP SlynkAccording to Slynk, he’s got an obsession with, “all types of funk music.” It was only recently, for example, that he threw out a freebie Parliament rerub. Here however, he’s celebrating his fetish for the funk with the triple-tracker Funk Fascination EP for which read one part slo-mo late seventies/ early eighties-ish electro boogie grooves, one part slo-mo late seventies/ early eighties-ish electro

PARLIAMENT: Flashlight (SLYNK remix) (2014) Free download

Flashlight remix Slynk ParliamentWho’s that making that funky noise? Turns out it’s the man they call Slynk. P-funk seems to be the genre de mois on planet breaks at the minute and here Mr Evan Chandler shines his production torch on Parliament’s woozy P-funk classic Flashlight. Cue a fairly hefty breakbeat, snatches of DJ Kool and some massively beefed-up bass synths. Apparently, Bernie Worrell played the original bass

SLYNK: European Tour (2014) + DJ LBR & BIG ALI ‘Real Party’ (Slynk remix) free download

Euro tour 2014 SlynkHaving made his escape from one former British colony in the southern hemisphere to an even larger one in the northern hemisphere, Oz west-coaster Slynk is now heading for the olde worlde for a June tour. He even makes landfall in the Great British motherland for one date. To what vast and storied metropolis will he take his party breaks experience though? Perhaps the daddy of them all

SLYNK feat. TIMOTHY WISDOM: Flip It Up (2014)

Flip It Up Slynk Timothy WisdomClearly not a man who feels he’s released enough big free downloads in the last month, Slynk drops yet another one. It’s not an edit this time though but some original funky disco breakin and he’s joined on it by Timothy Wisdom.
“Not Timothy Wisdom ‘the ghetto funk MacGyver: you name it, he can do it?'”
“Yep – the very same.”

SLYNK: You’re The Fool (Remaster)(2014) Free download

You're The Fool - SlynkRating: ★★★★★ Man, you’re the fool if you don’t get yourself a copy of this. The first Slynk track I ever picked up on Manmade Feature Funk Vol. 2 and still my favourite, is his mighty refunk of The Three Degrees’ 1970 cut You’re The Fool. Slynk takes the original, speeds it up, chunks it up, adds in a bit of dialogue from seminal 1984 graff movie Beat Street and off it goes – raising hands, moving

SLYNK: We’re Having A Good Time (2014) Free download

We're Having A Good Time SlynkEveryone get this freebie from Slynk, yeah? No? Well waste no further time acquiring a copy of the Brisbane badboy’s rerub of Raid by eighties LA disco funkers Zoom. Raid was about the pigs rocking up at a party and (by the sound of things on the record) grabbing revellers by the scruff of the neck, slamming them against the wall and giving them a solid shoeing. Funnily enough – it’s not a dissimilar