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SMOOVE: Slow Down (B-boy Instrumental remix)(2014)

Slow Down B-boy remix SmooveA third Smoove & Turrell album is on the way, a single is due before that (for both of which, check back with the Monkey soon) and before that, Smoove keeps the funk-soul massive’s enthusiasm for all things S&T-flavoured well fluffed by favouring us with this b-boy instrumental. I feel like I should know that sample though – something classic and soully – what is it? It’s on the tip of my mind but I

SMOOVE & TURRELL: Slow Down/ In Deep (2012)

Slow Down might be the first-named track on the cover but this one’s all about the neo-disco adventures of coal-soul duo Smoove & Turrell with their ‘creators-of-Last-Night-A-DJ-Saved-My-Life’-referencing In Deep. How deep? Balls deep my friends! We’re not just flirting with the bouncer at Studio 54 here either – more attempting to storm the doors with no fewer than seven remixes (from

FLATLINE feat. WERD2JAH: Slow Down (2012)

Flatline are another signing to Dirty DubstersIrish Moss label, and on Slow Down they deliver a future dub bassline with enough clout to terminate the beating hearts in any ribcages not protected by a safety cushion of low-frequency-resistant, spongy, tarry lungs cultivated through years of ganja abuse. Not to be outdone a host of remixers (the Dubsters among them) compete to up the tempo and dark the whole thing up in a crazy genre

SMOOVE & TURRELL: Eccentric Audio – Album (2011) + ‘Slow Down’ video

Nu-northern soul boys Smoove and Turrell (a.k.a. Berry Geordie and Smokey Turrell) are due to return shortly with second album Eccentric Audio which is all set to propel them into mainstream consciousness.

As before, Turrell rides as classic-voiced vocal shotgun to Smoove’s driving force behind the beats. And, it has to be said, Smoove (or rather ‘smooth’) is frequently the word this time