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DOOLEY-O: OG Status (2013) + ‘Back To Basics’ video

There’s no doubting Dooley O‘s credentials as a hip-hop legend: the first man to sample Skull Snaps’ It’s A New Day break over two decades ago, producer of cable access show Graffiti TV, mentor figure to Stones Throw label founder, Egon and producer of and rapper on two (until now) critically acclaimed classic LPs – the slept-on Watch My Moves and the superb I Gotcha – one of the

DOOLEY O: Here We Go EP + video (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Here’s another man who’s been absent for far too long – Dooley O. This man was…wait – what? Did you just say “Dooley who?” Damn, fool – what you know about hip-hop? Dooley was the first man to sample Skull Snaps’ New Day at the tail end of the eighties! He’s also responsible for beats and rhymes on two extremely funky classic LPs of sample-based hip-hop – I