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PROFIT feat. SKITZ & JAH MIRIKLE: True Colours EP (GFD14)(2014)

True Colours ProfitBit of departure for Ghetto Funk here as they usher the wobble to one side for a minute to allow Profit‘s True Colours hook-up with ‘Daddy’ Skitz through. Yes – we’re in straight-up reggae hip-hop territory. Profit takes care of the hip-hop by delivering Brit-hop bars on the mic (including opening by channeling OC’s Time’s Up) and the reggae element is taken care of by Skitz‘s reggae

MR BENN feat. NANCI CORREIA: Stand Up (2014)

Stand Up Mr Benn Nanci CorreiaRating: ★★★★★ Stand Up indeed as one of the standout tracks (and the monkey’s absolute favourite) from Mr Benn’s excellent album, Shake A Leg, of last summer gets a single release. Featuring Nanci Correia (of Congo Natty and Nanci & Phoebe fame) it’s less a call to stop sitting down than an invitation to engage in a midtempo skank