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SKEEWIFF: Put Your Hands Together

SKEEWIFF:  Put Your Hands TogetherRating: ★★★★★ Ladies and gentlemen, it’s always an event when a Skeewiff album comes out so put your hands together for the new LP entitled – er – Put Your Hands Together. Of course posting about such an event a month after its release could be seen as somewhat remiss – but then that’s the autumn release schedule isn’t it? Everything comes at once and trying to stay on top

SKEEWIFF: Mexican Flyer/ Delta Dawn (Vinyl 45)

SKEEWIFF:  Mexican Flyer/ Delta Dawn (Vinyl 45)The very label they founded now delves deep into Skeewiff’s back catalogue to meet the insatiable demands of the seven inch-buying public. And it turns out they’ve struck double cheeky old gold to boot. Enter, by way of an A-side, the 2001 released 12″ B-side edit of Ken Woodman & His Picadilly Brass’s Mexican Flyer in all its ‘tropical jazz meets garage rock breaks’ glory. Blimey –

SKEEWIFF: Coming Home Baby/ Triumph Stag 7″ (2017)

SKEEWIFF:  Coming Home/ Triumph Stag 7Never ones to merely flaunt it when they can parade around sporting nothing but diamond nipple tassles and a gold lamé cock-sock (metaphorically, you understand), the Jalapeno Records crew celebrate nearly two decades in the business by making their two hundred and fiftieth release a limited red vinyl Skeewiff 7″ double-header of Coming Home Baby and Triumph Stag

RORY HOY feat ASHLEY SLATER: Gettin’ Home (2017)

On their latest collab, Rory Hoy and Ashley Slater tackle the issue of Gettin’ Home from ‘the party’. We’ve all been there – a night’s carousing followed by the sudden realisation that you need your distant bed. In the absence of a beer-scooter (i.e. you’re conscious enough to remember the epic night-hike you’re about to undertake), what you need is a jaunty anthem to belt out while

SKEEWIFF: Skeewiff In Wonderland (2017)

Skeewiff In WonderlandRating: ★★★★★ Skeewiff were beginning to get very tired of listening to boring old breakbeats, and of having nothing to do. Once or twice they had peeped other people’s steez but it was all excessively conventional, ‘and what is the use of a breakbeat track,’ they thought, ‘if it doesn’t make you say, ‘what the bloody hell are these two on?’ They were considering in their own minds whether

BEATNIK CITY: The Beat Kicks Vol. 2 (2015)

The Beat Kicks Vol 2 Beatnik CityRating: ★★★★★ I thought it was high time for more big beat licks from The Beat Kicks booty series on Beatnik City – and here it is – with all the swagger of its predecessor. Vol. 2 weighs in at one track deeper but the game is the same – namely pedal-to-the-metal, big beat versions of sixties classics. Some uptempo library music with little added DWYCK sir? Try Fab Samperi and Skeewiff. Re-

SKEEWIFF: Funky Shizzle (2015)

Funky Shizzle SkewiffFunky Shizzle?
No, it’s ok thanks – I had one this morning. Oh – sorry – you meant the latest from Skeewiff – the man who’s carried the torch for two generations of funky breakbeat antics?! Well, in that case then it’s an emphatic yes please! What’s the deal?

Well – it’s a project that started in 2008 but then

OMEGAMAN: Hot Sauce Remixes (2015) + ‘Lovers Skank’ video

Hot Sauce Remixed OmegamanOmegaman hands the keys to over to the likes of Skeewiff, Fort Knox Five, Qdup and DJ Maars for the remixes of his Hot Sauce EP from last year with equally tangy consequences. So tangy in fact that you might have trouble picking a favourite from Skeewiff’s salsa breaks take on Oye Como Suena, Fort Knox Five’s slightly sped-up Lover’s Skank, QDup’s now neon-tinged electro boogie

SKEEWIFF: Skeewiff Vs Shawn Lee EP (2015)

EP Skeewiff Vs Shawn LeeNo prizes for guessing what is contained upon the Skeewiff Vs Shawn Lee EP or ‘Skee vs. Lee’ as I like to think of it. That’s right, veteran funk-soul-jazz-library-breaks-brother Skeewiff goes to town on veteran funk-soul-jazz-psychedelic-ambient brother Shawn Lee‘s groovy Soulfood 2 LP from a couple of years ago. Which came out on Skeewiff’s very own Pedigree Cuts label. Which must’ve been

KITTEN & THE HIP: Don’t Touch The Kitten Remixed EP (2014)

Don't Touch The Kitten Kitten  The HipJailbait/ pervy uncle electro-swing combo (and signings to Skeewiff‘s Pedigree Cuts label) Kitten & The Hip is actually the second coming of Ashley Slater (the Hip), frontman of 90s chart-bothering, Norman Cook-featuring acid-jazzers Freak Power. Turns out Slater isn’t the only one coming given the recent flurry of furiously jealous tabloid masturbation over Kitten’s stripper past and her