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ADIDAS: Skateboarding – Summer shoes 2010

…Well, I presume they’re the summer range anyway for, despite being in the same hemisphere as monkeyboxing, Adidas’ notion of the seasons seems a bit out of kilter with…well…with anyone else’s as they’re always a season ahead. Not that I’m complaining you understand – for they deliver the goods once again which, according to Adidas’ U.S.-based skate team manager, should be in store come 1 April. There’s a date to set your mind at rest. Should you feel like swinging by adidasskateboarding.com, you’ll also find footage of the skate team in San Francisco – going off by all accounts…

CONVERSE SKATE: Spring 2009 Collection

Twenty years ago it was a fairly safe bet that anyone wearing Cons – especially the cup sole high-tops – was a skater. Cons were basketball shoes, of course, but had the dual advantage of being both cheaper and easier to get hold of than Vans, Etnies and Airwalks (pretty much the only companies making specialised skate shoes at the time) and damn if they weren’t comfy too. Fast forward to 2009 and Converse have followed the lead of other big league names Nike, Adidas and Puma into the skate shoe battlefield. Unlike Puma (but like Nike and Adidas – presumably because they actually want to sell some skate shoes) Cons have actually bothered to set up a dedicated website to their skate sideline converseskateboarding.com and unlike all three other companies, Converse follow an altogether skinnier route – at least tongue-wise. The spring range for ’09 is based around four models shown below (the CTS, ERX300, Revere, and the Pro Leather) and looks pretty hot. Hit the Cons skate link for more…


ADIDAS SKATE SUPERSTAR – Autumn (Fall)/ Winter 2008

Check out these bad boys! I’m jonesing those fly black and whites big time! Adidas’s decision to reboot the evergreen Superstar a couple of years ago in a slightly phatter skate version was always going to be a winner. It hasn’t always been possible to say the same for some of the colourways they’ve inflicted on us – a few of which have been frankly disgusting. This release finds an altogether more agreeable selection of colour combos however. Keep pestering your favourite supplier though, last time Monkeyboxing’s editor got the heads up on a decent colourway they’d sold out in his size in one day and in three days for all sizes. You have been warned.
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