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SISTA QUANNA: Ital (2013)

Dirty Dubsters have joined forces with Jamaican I&I Productions to create new roots reggae label AYA Productions and their first release is Sista Quanna‘s Ital – a sweet rootsy celebration of rasta food. And I’m not talking Reggae Reggae Sauce – though as far as I can make out that does avoid artificial additives. Sista Quanna specifically “nah wan” Babylon food like, “nah KFC, nah Burger

DIRTY DUBSTERS: ‘Fire It Up’ album (2013)

Please don’t adjust your seismographs – all that intense activity is just the Dirty Dubsters‘ debut album. Fire It Up finds the boys who put the ‘dub’ into Dublin lighting up the bottom end bong to finally make (split infinitive intentional) their first full-length journey into outer bass. Production crew are the Dubsters themselves of course while vocal crew are guests: Mystro, Leiko Tola, YT, Clinton