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THE HEMPOLICS: Boss Clock Me Style (2017)

THE HEMPOLICS:  Boss Clock Me StyleBoss Clock Me Style sings vocalist Nubiya Brandon on the Hempolics new single. Punctuation commandos will note the lack of a comma after ‘Boss’ which is salient because it indicates that far from airily requesting her line manager to check how she rolls what she’s actually doing is lamenting her superior’s rather unhealthy interest in her. The sex pest. “What am I to do?” She

THE HEMPOLICS: High & Gritty (2017) + video

THE HEMPOLICS: High & Gritty (2017) + videoThe Hempolics return with a new single showcasing their particular brand of soul and hip-hop infused dub-reggae in the form of High & Gritty. Said song apparently relates the love affair between band leader Grippa and a Mexican senorita and is remixed by no fewer than four bashment bandits – Fleck, Dubmatix, the ever-reliable DJ Maars and the splendidly-named