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SHAOLIN TEMPLE DEFENDERS:  Live In LondonYou might not have been there when the band with the best name in funk came to town, but Shaolin Temple Defenders ensure you get as close as possible to the experience with new LP, Live In London. Yep, not Live In Paris or Live In Bordeaux (for this latter city is in fact where the Shaolin crew hail from) but all the way live in London. There’s inter-European love for you – despite the


SHAOLIN TEMPLE DEFENDERS:  Free Your SoulThe return of the band with the best name in contemporary funk is imminent with their new album and sixth studio LP, Free Your Soul, all set to drop and man are they fired up! Naturally, if the band in question is called Shaolin Temple Defenders and they’re fired up the first place anyone is going to point the finger is at the White Lotus Clan. In the event it turns out that Pai Mei’s

SHAOLIN TEMPLE DEFENDERS: Keep This Funk On A Roll/ Taxman (2013)

Shaolin Temple Defenders – ‘the band with the best name in contemporary funk’ ™ are back with two hard-hitting uptempo funk cuts. The first of these is the guitar-pickin’/ hammond-tickling Keep This Funk On A Roll which, despite its title, appears not to be about the difficulties of using the world’s greatest musical genre as a sandwich filling. Also available is the band’s sweet little cover of The


France’s mightiest funk act Shaolin Temple Defenders once more stand firm against fake funk forces with From The Inside, their fourth long player in a decade. It’s an agreeable thirteen strong mixture of sweet Motown style (northern) soul and nuggets of fatback funk which ticks all the right boxes. Decent tunes? Yep, no duff ones here

SOUL REVOLUTION: ‘One More Time’ LP (2012)

Remember the more soulful wing of the underground Cali hip-hop sound of the late nineties/ early 2000s? I’m mainly talking about Quannum projects – er – projects – Blackalicious, Latyrx, Lyrics Born’s solo stuff – that sort of thing. Soul Revolution do – and they’ve taken the most soulful end of that already soulful body of work and run with it. ‘Soul’ – it’s in their name see? They’re

SOUL REVOLUTION: One More Time (2011)

Soul Revolution are ‘The Lion Of Bordeaux’ and Don Argentino (no, really) – two heads brought together by the lure of the smoky basement clubs of the capital of Aquitaine who discovered a shared love of the U.S. West Coast hip-hop underground. ‘Le Lion de Bordeaux,’ in particular, may sound familiar to UK funk heads, probably because he’s the lead singer in a band with one of the best names (and some of the best sounds) in

SHAOLIN TEMPLE DEFENDERS: Take It Slow (feat. Gift Of Gab)

These guys have to run T Bird & The Breaks pretty close in terms of who has the best band name on the contemporary funk scene. But that’s another story. What we have here is the horns-n-Hammond-rich new single and title track of their forthcoming LP (due 4 October 2010) feat. Blackalicious’ heavyweight (in more ways than one) rapper. Actually their myspace indicates the LP will be available on wax this month too…keep your eyes peeled innit!

Listen to Shaolin Temple Defenders – Take It Slow

Shaolin Temple Defenders – Myspace

SHAOLIN TEMPLE DEFENDERS: Let Yourself Go – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★½☆

Man, if my band was called Shaolin Temple Defenders and I had a single out entitled Let Yourself Go that’s exactly what I’d do. I’d have superfast percussion, put the wah-wah pedal in overdrive and knock out a lo-fi video featuring loads of rapid-fire editing of battling monks and fast shaky zoom shots of a manically cackling kung-fu master, who would arrogantly flick his long wispy beard and then screech something like, “Your monkey style is no match for my southern crane technique!” But then French band STD (on reflection, not an abbreviation they want to encourage) are not my band and display a restraint I could never muster. Thus, Let Yourself Go is a functional enough piece of Breakestra-alike funk (albeit with slightly irritating scat-vocals) while B-side Southern Bug-A-Loo is a speedy little hammond and piccolo shuffle.
Out now on Soulbeat France

Listen to – Shaolin Temple Defenders: Let Yourself Go

Shaolin Temple Defenders – Myspace