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THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS feat. LAMAR WILLIAMS: Shake ItWould you believe it, The New Mastersounds new long player, Shake It, is out already and like the three singles already lifted from it (Let’s Go Back, Kings & Queens and Taking Me Down) it is billed as ‘featuring’ singer Lamar Williams. You’ll be unsurprised to hear that’s because Williams appears on most of the tracks so, obviously, this isn’t the sort of instrumental set punters have

JAYL FUNK feat. TARZAN BROS: Shake It (2015)

Shake It Jayl Funk Tarzan Bros.“Us Tarzan Bros! You Jayl Funk!” Time to Shake It in a funky disco stylee as a certain German party breaks producer returns for the second time this month by getting cosy with a UK-based funky trio and an original track characterised by well-defined drums, insistent bass and rippling wah-guitar which curl themselves around pert vocals. Of the three remixes, the All Good Funk Alliance

FOREIGN BEGGARS & NOISIA – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★½☆

FOREIGN BEGGARS: (On the phone to Dutch DnB boys Noisia) Got that beat for us yet?
NOISIA: (Excitedly) Sure. We have crazy beats for you right now! You know when you change your printer’s ink cartridge and you lift up the lid and it grinds out for you to catch it before it disappears again?
FB’s: (Warily) Ye-eahh?
NOISIA: (Ridiculously pleased with themselves) We sampled that sound but make it a million times heavier!
Ok, maybe it didn’t happen quite like that but on hearing this I do wonder where else Noisia could have lifted inspiration for beats – the office photocopier doing a big double-sided run with staples perhaps or the sound of your laptop burning a cd. And yet the ‘Beggars bigging themselves up over this grime-y industrial strength rhythm keeps growing on me. At first I didn’t like it at all, today I like it…hell – tomorrow I could be saying stuff like ‘it’s the biggest thing in UK hip-hop since Roots Manuva’s Witness.’ Maybe it’s a bit like when your beer-goggles kick into action – in which analogy this track would be the object of your growing affections. The only problem with that is that I haven’t ‘drunk’ any ‘beer’. Maybe it’s because my senses have just been bludgeoned into submission. Comes with Shake It which finds the boys having a cheeky perv over chicks and a dnb mix of Contact too, if you’ve got the energy.

Listen to Foreign Beggars – Contact

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FOREIGN BEGGARS: New single ‘Contact’ + Studio video blog

The band with the best Daily Mail-reader-baiting name ever are back with new single Contact (b/w Shake It) in October and they’ve released a video blog to show y’all how it’s done with regard to laying down a track – see below links…
(PRESS RELEASE) Diggety Damn! The Foreign Beggars back at it with their sizzling hot new single ‘Contact’ b/w ‘Shake It’ dropping this October 5th. Taken from the forthcoming album ‘United Colours of Beggattron’ this smash of a single shows a clear progression in the Beggars direction, heading toward total domination of the dance genre in a serious fashion.
‘Contact’ sees the crew link up with Dutch D’n’B stalwarts Noisia for some seriously bass heavy, tweeter blowing mayhem! Widely tipped to ‘got next’ in the same line as production outfits Pendulum and Chase’n’Status, Noisia’s production on this single can only be described as monstrous, their trademark growling basslines and industrial strength drum programming providing the futuristic soundscape for the Beggars to throw down some serious swagger on the vocal front. A match made in Mordor!! And with a horrendously filthy D’n’B remix to boot, you can expect this to ring in your ears days after you hear it murkalising on a club system. URGHT!
The flipsides ‘Shake It’ picks up where their previous dancefloor hit ‘Gash’ left off… on a griiiiizzzzzzle. Metropolis and Orifice Vulgatron aka Sean Peng trade sordid verses over a heavily swung Noisia production with more bounce to the ounce than Zapp and Roger on steroids. Humourous, witty and ever tongue-in-cheek, the Beggars give you an insight to whaa gwaan in the love lounge! It aims to make you do just what it says on the label!
As the guys say, “We got a whole lot of hype, a whole lot of stripes” – and it’s clear to see why. Let the single take you up to the top of the rollercoaster and then hit the album for the full on loop-the-loop! It’s about to go down, so make sure you’re part of the spectrum of the United Colours Of Beggattron!
Foreign Beggars – Myspace