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SHAKA: Spacefunk EP (2016)

Spacefunk ShakaNot to be confused with Shaka Loves You who hail from Glasgow and make fun stuff across the spectrum of funky breaks, Shaka hail from Brazil and – make fun stuff across the spectrum of glitch-funky breaks. The title track is a collision of louche cocktail sounds and colossal bass farts, Crumble is a stop-starty slab of instrumental glitchy blues-hop, Freedom chops up the gospel

SHAKA: Party Bangers Vol. 6 (2013)

Just backdoored the peak at Teahupoo? Throw out a shaka. Won the latest Billabong XXL? Throw out a double shaka! Vintage VW Beetle or camper driver who’s just experienced the massively unlikely coincidence of passing someone else who drives a Beetle or vintage VW camper? Throw out a shaka – even if you are clueless as to the gesture’s name and origin. All very well – but what do you throw

THE O’JAYS: For The Love Of Money (Shaka remix) Free download (2013) + video

Some people (board sports types and VW camper drivers mainly) like to throw out a shaka. But what does a shaka throw out. Well, if it’s Glaswegian crew Shaka, the answer’s a ghetto-funk remix of much-sampled O’Jays classic For The Love Of Money. O’Jays singer Eddie Levert has previously complained at the way the original anti-capitalist message of the song and its title (taken from