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SEE-I: Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 3 (2015)

Knowledge Shine Bright EP Remixed 3 See-IIt’s the third and final volume of remixes of cuts from See-I‘s album Knowledge Shine Bright – but what to call it? Hmm – Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 3 perhaps? Good – glad that’s sorted – and now to business. Empresarios kick things off by taking the eastern-influenced sound of Musical Murder uptempo and giving it a jaunty tropical breaks feel while in the middle of the release – lie

SEE-I: Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 2 (2015)

Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 2 See IYou knew there was going to be a sequel when you saw the ‘1’ in the name of the first EP and here it is – the Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 2 on which Sammy Senior, Thunderball, Lack Jemmon and Palletz get busy with their choice of cuts off See-I‘s last album. Thunderball utterly transforms the mellow rootsy original of Never Give Up into persistent junglist jump-up

SEE-I: Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 1 (2015)

Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP1Obviously the first in a series, the Knowledge Shine Bright Remixed EP 1 sees Basement Freaks and QDup let their production knowledge shine bright on a brace of See-I remixes. Basement Freaks takes Boogieman (featuring Mr Lif) and makes it harder, better, faster, stronger, while QDup takes King Of The Road (which is definitely not a Roger Miller cover) and drives it

THE FUNK HUNTERS & CMC & SILENTA (feat. SEE-I): Shock Rollin’ (2014)

Shock Rollin' Funk Hunters CMC Silenta See-ICanada, Germany and the United States all pulling together to bring good vibes to the masses – now that’s what I call international co-operation! Don’t worry it’s not a sudden attack of philanthropic intercontinental governmental co-operation but The Funk Hunters, CMC & Silenta and See-I hooking up for Shock Rollin‘ a bass-heavy ghetto glitch effort vocal effort. Nasty bass and synths vie

SEE-I: Knowledge Shine Bright (2014)

Knowledge Shine Bright See-IRasta reggae brothers Rootz and Zeebo of See-I are about to shine their knowledge bright across the irie end of the bass music spectrum again with their second LP Knowledge Shine Bright. The Washington-based pair (and sometime Thievery Corporation collaborators) deliver a twelve track effort that features collaborations with Boston MC Mr Lif, Flex Matthews, Candice Mills and Edy Blu

SEE-I: Real Steel (2013)

Real Steel! It’s a new, rather upbeat, 82 bpm reggae hip-hop anthem, which lyrically lays it down about standing firm and surviving all the shit that life can throw at you, gets a fat remix courtesy of Fort Knox Five and is all brought to you courtesy of those Steele brothers a.k.a. See-I. I see. And would this be the harbinger of a new LP? Yes, it would. Details about that are currently thin