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SECOND HAND AUDIO: Toxic Funk Vol. 4 (Vinyl 7″)

SECOND HAND AUDIO: Toxic Funk Vol. 4 (Vinyl 7News of more party breakbeat vinyl niceness today with the release of new Second Hand Audio 45, the fourth volume in Breakbeat Paradise’s funky breaks series Toxic Funk series. That’ll be jangly slice of old school hip-hop n soul-flavoured party breaks Dance To The Beat then and flipside Treacherous Love. The former skips along at a breezy 102 bpm and splices multiple samples


SECOND HAND AUDIO Yes, We're OpenHey what’s that musty smell? Kind of like body odour with the underlying tang of piss? Just kidding! They might be called Second Hand Audio but there’s no way you’ll find the works of DJP and the Breakbeat Junkie nestled between Sonia ‘s Everybody Knows LP and Now That’s What I Call Music 21 in your local Cats Protection League shop – and that is because they have a new EP out –

SECOND HAND AUDIO: Extended Play (Remixed)(2017)

second-hand-audio-extended-play-remixedThe six tracks of Second Hand Audio‘s excellent hip-hop drop Extended Play from last year get a second crack of the whip on Extended Play Remixed in which play is indeed extended to a whopping ten tracks. That’ll be no fewer than three versions of Psycho Les-featuring banger Brand New then (courtesy of Slynk, DJP and Ugly

SECOND HAND AUDIO: Extended Play (2016)

Extended Play Second Hand AudioRating: ★★★★★ DJP and The Breakbeat Junkie don their Second Hand Audio personae once more to extend their original hip-hop repertoire with new EP Extended Play. Well, I say ‘new’ – it does contain previous banger collabs Got It Like That (feat. Dizzy Dustin) and Set It Off (feat. J5’s Akil The MC) – but that’s less than half the story. Brand new for ’92 – oops my bad – 2016, are

ICONS OF GHETTO FUNK 2013 Parts 1 & 2: Free download (2013)

I had been thinking this latest annual installment of the Ghetto Funk Icons series, Icons Of Ghetto Funk, was early. But then I checked and actually it’s later than the previous two years. And that’s not all that’s different. This time the icons they’re remixing aren’t the popular music giants of yore but some of the label’s own artists. Say what? Remixes of the Ghetto Funk back catalogue by

SECOND HAND AUDIO feat. AKIL THE MC: Set It Off (GFD05)(2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Now then – if the people want dope rapping over dirty great funk beats – why fart around with samples and old acapellas? It’s a vast gap in the market and Second Hand Audio (a.k.a DJP and The Breakbeat Junkie) are in there like swimwear. Here they follow-up previous collabo,Got It Like That, with Ugly Duckling’s Dizzy Dustin by co-opting the services of another West Coast boom

SECOND HAND AUDIO feat. DIZZY DUSTIN: Got It Like That (GFD03) (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★
There was only one logical step for the ghetto funk/ breaks scene when the well of old school and underground hip hop rapapellas started drying up. Get some original vocals of course. There’s been barely a handful of those in the last few years but you can expect a lot more from now on as the necessity of finding something suitable (and unrinsed)