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GANGRENE (ALCHEMIST & OH NO) feat. HAVOC & SEAN PRICE: ‘Sheet Music’ video (2015)

Sheet Music GangreneThe latest video for a track off Gangrene long-player You Disgust Me is that for Sheet Music which serves to commemorate band collaborator and Brooklyn MC Sean Price who sadly passed away recently. The video features Alchemist and Oh No quietly sharing a suitably blunted, commemorative three plus minute silence outside a derelict building while the track unfolds and

THE BLACK KEYS: ‘Blakroc 2’ update and video

More ‘Keys n emcees on the horizon then. The Black Keys are legends and so are the rappers they worked with on their first rap/ rock project Blakroc so it’s a pity that what they came up with was a bit of an ‘also ran.’ Still, Carney and Auerbach and friends are back soon for a second crack of the whip with Blakroc 2 – so who knows – maybe things will get rectified