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VARIOUS: Funky Chimes – Belgian Grooves From The 70s (2017)

Funky Chimes - Belgian Grooves From The 70sRating: ★★★★★ It shouldn’t be that surprising that Belgium managed to provide some super-dope funky grooves back in the day – it is after all the land that spawned the much-sampled Chakachas. What is surprising however, is how long this funky legacy has taken to be discovered or at least re-discovered. Happily, the SDBAN label’s Funky Chicken compilation from a few years ago certainly

RENE COSTY: Expectancy (2017)

Bet you haven’t heard of Rene Costy – music teacher, classical violinist, jazz musician and composer. The last point is what concerns us here since our man composed a ton of library music in the seventies from which period one track, Scrabble, was discovered in short order in the nineties by a number of significant breaks and hip-hop musicians and made it onto tracks such as