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SAVAGES: Five Finger Discount (2016)

Five Finger Discount SavagesYou’ve heard of the Five Fingers Of Death and the ‘Five Finger Fillet’ game (as made famous by a Colonial Marine and an android with a knife on Aliens) but what about the Five Finger Discount? The mind boggles. A budget kung fu flick? A shorter version of ‘Five Finger Fillet’ in which a hatchet is used? How about a five-track vinyl album by Hungarian producer Savages? You’re nearly right on the last

VARIOUS: Hiperbole Jamboree 2012: Go Jazz Not Ape (2013)

If you’ve ever rolled into bed in the small hours after a heavy night out and then been woken ‘early doors’ by someone under the age of five you’ll have some idea of how I was feeling yesterday and, frankly, today as well to some extent. Luckily, Hiperbole Records‘ new compilation, Hiperbole Jamboree 2012: Go Jazz Not Ape has been lurking in my inbox and its soothing grooves provided some badly needed musical ibuprofen

SAVAGES & UNIFAIRFLY: Blow Up Your Box/ Mean Streets – 2011

MB regulars will already know David Hanke from his classy ‘northern’ jazz breakbeat releases under his Renegades Of Jazz alter ego and be aware that he also trades as one half of funky breakbeaters Mash & Munkee, so it will probably not come as a surprise that he has yet another iron in the fire (i.e. Unifairfly) nor that it smoulders with quality. This time around he’s paired up with Hungarian producer Nandor Kurtossy

INSIGHT: True Or False – 2009 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★☆

Stateside rapper Insight spits hard and fast about hidden agendas, double-dealing, corruption and general politrickery over a dope uptempo Tom Caruana beat and hammond loop with a cuts-based hook courtesy of DJ OMC. He even has a crack at Blair which can’t be bad – though if you’re going to name and shame the monkey, it is a bit remiss not to throw a few buckets of shit over the organ-grinder who in this case remains merely implicated – perhaps because Insight couldn’t think of a rhyme for Bush. Here’s one – ‘cunt’. Oops my bad – that’s a synonym not a rhyme. This particular slice of righteous and sophisticated ire is accompanied by no less than six remixes from the likes of Flevans, Evil Sun, Mr Simmonds, Savages, M.W.D. & Suhov – the best of which is probably Savages’ blaxploitation wigout.
(Out now on Tea Sea Records)

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