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SAVAGES Y SUEFO: Brotherhood

SAVAGES Y SUEFO:  BrotherhoodAt last, the long-promised Savages Y Suefo LP, Brotherhood has dropped. Surely, this was first rumoured, oohh, two years ago when the Ashley Slater-featuring single Revolution! appeared. And since that track appears on this, it now seems, in retrospect, to have been the lead single. Two years? Man, that is a long lead time. Mind you, better late than never, and the implicit call to unity

SAVAGES Y SUEFO feat. ASHLEY SLATER: Revolution! (2016)

revolution-savages-y-suefo-ashley-slaterSavages Y Suefo and Ashley Slater pick up where Smoove & Turrell recently left-off tackling the greed of the one per cent with itchy, funky, uptempo heater Revolution. We’ve had enough of all that elite-‘bashing’ though haven’t we? Have we fuck. They don’t need less grief, they need more. Because they’re not getting better, they’re getting worse. Like that business harpy I caught on the

SAVAGES Y SUEFO: Remixes Y Reworks (2015)

Remixes Y Reworks Savages Y SuefoBet you can’t guess what sort of deal is on offer from Savages Y Suefo‘s next release – Remixes Y Reworks. Oh alright then – yes it is a stack of quality rerubs from among the Hungarian production duo’s favourites of the last few years. The collection includes a proportion of work that the pair have re-done for fellow Hungarian artists such as The Qualitons, Kerekes Band, Marcel and

THE WORLDSTYLERS: The Blues Boutique (2013)

Oohh – marmite release. Forthcoming drop The Blues Boutique by The Worldstylers (a.k.a Savages Y Suefo) on the Timewarp label taps into the rise and rise of electro blues and delivers two tracks each remixed a number of times. On the one hand there’s the house-influenced Put It Right There which made me want gnaw my arm off a little bit. On the other hand there’s the bumping Niles Phillips

SMOKEY BANDITS: The Rooster (2013) + Holidays In The Sun (Bobby C Sound TV remix) free download

Not little, not red but a rooster nonetheless – The Rooster is the current single from Basement Freaks‘ George Fotiadis with his Balkan/ Mex-American side project Smokey Bandits. It comes in four different types of ‘plumage’ – original, samba, Savages Y Suefo and AfroQBen and there’s also get a free Bobby C remix of Smokey Bandits’ Holidays In The Sun thrown in too. Quality