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SAUKRATES feat. KARDINAL OFFISHAL:  Jays Fitted (2017)Hot on the heels of the summer’s re-reissue of Saukrates’ The Underground Tapes or some way out in front of his forthcoming Season 2 LP, depending on how you look at it, comes new single Jays Fitted. Could that be a reference to a certain baseball cap worn to represent Toronto’s baseball team? Well, it’s certainly a warts-and-all love-letter to and true school anthem for Saukrates’ adopted

SAUKRATES: The Underground Tapes (Re-issue) (2017)

SAUKRATES:  The Underground Tapes (Re-issue)Right then who’s up for a Socratic dialogue? Didn’t think so, but what about a hefty helping of Saukratic monologue? Yes, that’s more like it. Could there be some material by veteran Canadian emcee, Saukrates, in the offing? Yes, there could because his 1999 debut studio LP The Underground Tapes has been re-mastered and re-released along with no less than five extras and

K-OS: I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman – 2010 – Single review + Video

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆

For the last half decade the faithful have been wandering (and wondering), lost, through the sterile and largely funk-free desert which the realm of hip-hop has become, beset by the evil, ketamine-fuelled dubstep hordes and occasionally crossing paths with isolated and increasingly rare defenders of the truly phat flame. Sadly, there’s no end to that desert in sight yet and as we fight our way onwards, sonically parched and close to delirium, K-OS appears like an evil djinn and raises a question – to wit – is a track based around a sample of the theme to The OC, with a weedy beat, featuring Nelly Furtado, preferable to yet another ‘banging’ house-tune masquerading as hip-hop because hamster-cheeks West or Will I-fucking-Am bleat something inane over the top of it? The answer, correctly (and despite the single’s accompanying image), is, “I don’t care.” Video below links…
(Out 19 April on Last Gang Records)
K-OS – Myspace

K-OS – Myspace