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SASKWATCH: ‘I Get Lonely’ 7″/ video (2013)

In which cutie Saskwatch vocalist Nkechi Anele euphemistically mentions that she ‘gets lonely’ in an effort to entice this bloke she fancies away from this girl he’s seeing in stomping northern soul/ garage rock hybrid I Get Lonely. Cue a video that looks like it’s been made by Terry Gilliam going crazy with scissors and seventies fashion mags

SASKWATCH: Leave It All Behind (2012)

SASKWATCH:  Leave It All Behind Hitherto less well-known than fellow Melbourne-dwelling creatures The Bamboos, Saskwatch are poised to emerge from Australia’s funkiest city and leave substantial proof of their existence on the global funk-soul scene with debut LP Leave It All Behind. Hot on the heels of current single Your Love, the album totals twelve tracks of sweet sunshine soul that slot in somewhere between the

SASKWATCH: Your Love (2012) + video

Oz funk soul outfit Saskwatch continue their mission to plant a big foot squarely in the middle of the global funk and soul market with latest single Your Love. The follow up to the soul-funky Don’t Wanna Try/ Pushin Me Away single, Your Love is an upbeat northern soul shuffle liberally garnished with horns and singer Nkechi Anele’s Motown stylings. Put bowling bag down then, remove talc, sprinkle on floor, don bowling

SASKWATCH: Don’t Wanna Try/ Pushin Me Away (2011)

Just to clear up any confusion, Sasquatch is the hairy-assed missing link between man and ape that might live in the temperate rain forests of North America whereas Saskwatch (with a ‘kw’) is the latest in a long line of funky acts out of Melbourne. Their second seven inch release features A-side Don’t Wanna Try – a sweet soul cut in the Bamboos vein and over on the flip Pushin Me Away is a harder hitting funky nugget