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SARD BOOGIE: Get Up And Roll (2016) Free download

Get Up and Roll Sard BoogieHis name is Sard Boogie and he boogies hard. Say hello to SB’s latest cheeky one, Get Up And Roll, which makes heavy use of Freedom’s Get Up And Dance (as sonically referenced on J5’s Concrete Schoolyard) and then cuts loose with Masta Ace’s ‘pella from Born To Roll too – though only from the mid-point to, you know, let you well and truly get up and dance to the funk before you get hit by

LOOSE ENDS: Feel The Vibe (SARD BOOGIE edit) (2016) Free download

Feel The Vibe Sard Boogie Loose EndsBack in 1990, UK rnb outfit Loose Ends had a minor hit with Love’s Got Me which just made it into the top 40 by the skin of its teeth despite using what was even then the heavily oversampled Funky Drummer break and a video featuring people wearing floor-length leather jackets, leather baker boy hats and lemon yellow shirts tucked into leather trousers. Over on the flip was

SARD BOOGIE: Deetour (2015) Free download

Deetour Sard BoogieAye, aye – lock up your originals, Sard Boogie and a host of Aussie remixers are about – it’ll be carnage. Oohh – too late. SB’s taken the funky Deetour by hot shot disco diva Karen Young from 1982 on a heavyweight neo-disco diversion it won’t forget in a hurry. Positively pneumatic. As it transpires. this is merely one of fourteen tracks on the That’s Not An Edit crew’s That’s Not An Edit Vol. 3

ICE-T: I’m Your Pusher (SARD BOOGIE remix)(2015) Free download

I'm Your Pusher remix Sard Boogie Ice TYo what’s up man? You need to get a hip-hop remix high? How about a Sard Boogie remix of Ice-T’s late 80s West Coast anti-drug bump I’m Your Pusher? Where the original bowled along at a respectable 108 bpm on a minimal synth powered-beat, the remix positively steams through at a high-on-life 120 bpm with a classic Tracy Marrow

SARD BOOGIE: Funky Walker Dirty Talker (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Man I’ve been bumping this all week. Call me old school, but Melbourne DJ/ producer Sard Boogie‘s fourth and latest LP Funky Walker, Dirty Talker is certainly one of the doper full length efforts I’ve heard all year. Imagine, if you will, a nine track mixture of super-disco breakin’ and mainly instrumental hip-hop cuts with a couple of more reflective efforts where the analogue love is