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SAM REDMORE: Universal Vibrations LP

SAM REDMORE:  Universal Vibrations LPYou’ve been reading about the singles here on MB since last September (five of them no less!) covering a range of genres and sub-genres but this month it’s Sam Redmore’s debut long player, Universal Vibrations which has finally dropped. It’s an eleven-track set with a name that implicitly makes the bold claim of being able to rock the

SAM REDMORE (feat. LUMI): Just Can’t Wait

SAM REDMORE (feat. LUMI):  Just Can't WaitHe’s done the funk (On The One with Haggis horns), soul jazz (Party with Lumi), a cumbia/reggae cross (with Andrea Brown covering SOS Band’s Just Be Good To Me) and more cumbia-isms on Georgia Moroder cover Tears so whither next for Sam Redmore? Turns out it’s planet disco and with singer Lumi in tow once

SAM REDMORE: Tears (Vinyl 7″)

SAM REDMORE:  Tears (Vinyl 7There’ll be no crying over the new Tears 7″ by current Jalapeno Records hot property Sam Redmore who takes Giorgio Moroder’s 1972 cut and re-invents it through a Latin prism. And if the track name isn’t sounding all that familiar, maybe you know it better as the main sample source for that Organ Donor track on DJ Shadow’s Endtroducing LP – i.e. the only one DJs play. Full

SAM REDMORE feat. ANDREA BROWN: Just Be Good To Me (Vinyl 7″)

SAM REDMORE feat. ANDREA BROWN:  Just Be Good To Me Before Beats International’s mighty Dub Be Good To Me, there was of course The SOS Band’s even mightier electro-funk chugger Just Be Good To Me. You can now make that a mighty trio with the arrival of yet another wildly different interpretation in the form of this one from Jalapeno Records’ man of the moment, Sam Redmore, who has gone for a cumbia-style take

SAM REDMORE (feat. LUMI HD): Party

Flavour of the month over at Jalapeno Records right now is Sam Redmore and here he is with new single Party featuring Redmore’s longtime friend Lumi HD. The track opens with just its 90bpm drum break followed by claps, then bass, trumpet, Rhodes, vibraphone and assorted other layers joining in. Once things achieve soul jazz lift-off, in comes Lumi admonishing someone for

SAM REDMORE: On The One (Vinyl 7″)

New Jalapeno signing Sam Redmore is all On The One on his debut 45 with Renegade Brass Band and emcee/ poet Mr Auden Allen. Is this a celebration of the rhythmic structure of the funk or a call for racial unity? Turns out it’s both – or maybe we should say ‘all one’ to those concerned. Expect frantic rolling drum breaks, Latin percussive and piano stylings and more brass than