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DJ COSM feat. SADAT X, EL DA SENSEI, PRINCE PO: Rules b/w (DJAR ONE remix)(Vinyl 7″)

DJ COSM feat. SADAT X, EL DA SENSEI, PRINCE PO: Rules b/w (DJAR ONE remix)(Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ Right, let’s get back to the Rules with Dragon Fli Empire’s DJ Cosm laying down some snarling stripped-back boom-bap and getting battle-hardened veterans Sadat X, El Da Sensei and Prince Po to explain what it takes to be a proper MC. And as X points out – things were rather different if you came up under Grandmaster Caz than these days when, “anything will pass.”

SADAT X: The Bass Player (2016) + video

the-bass-player-sadat-xStill spawning singles at this late stage in the year is Sadat X‘s summer LP Agua though I don’t think anyone will be complaining about the Brand Nubian’s latest, The Bass Player, one of the few LP cuts that features X on a solo tip. It’s charm comes from a beat replete with clattery drums and bassy funk courtesy of Bushwick bad boys Da Beatminerz and X’s distinctively raucous drawl as he spits

SADAT X feat. ED OG & FOKIS: Da Hustle Don’t Stop (2016)

da-hustle-dont-stop-sadat-x-ed-og-fokisHere’s the new one one off Sadat X‘s Agua album entitled Da Hustle Don’t Stop and featuring Ed OG and Fokis. “You gotta go out and get yours no matter the cause…for cheddar or you gotta break laws” – tell me about it X. Try having the server hosting your website go down for four days and then restored minus two months’ worth of content and then finding that any videos you embed are

SADAT X feat. A-F-R-O & RAHZEL: Murder Soundtrack (2016)

Murder Soundtrack Sadat X A F R OSadat X with another track off forthcoming LP Agua already? Damn straight! That’ll be the none-more-topical (given recent events) Murder Soundtrack featuring ’emcee most likely to’ All Flows Reach Out or, as he is usually more conveniently known, A-F-R-O on mic duties for the first half and X for the second with former Roots-man Rahzel providing beatbox cuts and

SADAT X: Freeze (Prod. PETE ROCK)(2016)

Freeze Sadat XSadat’s back! Whadya mean who’s that? Sadat X of Brand Nubian with new material and a beat from fellow old timer Pete Rock to hand! That’ll be Freeze then – the first single off forthcoming LP Agua on which he professes to talk about subjects that affect the masses’ daily lives like – er, “I’ve been with actresses, did my shit at the shows/ I know a lot of secrets but I would never expose.”

THE REAL LIVE SHOW (feat. SADAT X): Grind (Freqnik & WDRE remix)(2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Ah – that’s the joint! NYC rappers The Real Live Show get former Brand Nubian Sadat X on the flex for the hook of new track Grind from the Grind EP. Nickodemus’s original beat is a faster, darker number displaying clear Eastern-influences but what you really want to be checking out is the remix from NY production crew Freqnik & WDRE. With this, our heroes rep the classic funky

THE FUNK LEAGUE: Funky As Usual (2011) + tracklist

Rating: ★★★★★
I think I might move to France. The food’s better, they don’t take any shit off the government and The Funk League are from there. Formerly The Incredible Funk League, DJ/producers Hugo and Soulbrother Suspect have latterly dropped the ‘incredible,’ in a not very hip-hop downplaying of their prowess. But don’t worry – it’s the only un-hip-hop thing about this pair

A STATE OF MIND: Root To The Fruit – 2010 – Single review

Rating: ★★★★☆

For reasons best known to themselves ASM have given the A-side to this the dirtiest name and the B-side the dirtiest beat. Were the B-side the A-side it would be a instant 5 stars (and god alone knows what it would be worth if it had the A-side’s title too) – but we have to take into account that it isn’t. Not that I’ll let that stand in the way of my dealing out massive props to the Derek X (oops, my bad – Sadat X) of Brand Nubian-featuring Certified Organic which flips a huge good-time Main Source-style funky beat that’ll have them dancing in the aisles. It’s the second large Aussie M.C.-featuring track I’ve heard this year (since ASM get on the mic as well as Sadat X) – the other being Sab Famperi’s Joelistics collabo Brand New Day which is also hot shit. Oh yeah – the reggae-tinged Wildchild-featuring A-side’s not bad too…

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