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KOWALSKI (a.k.a. DJTZINAS): Remixes EP (2015) Free download

Remixes KowalskiMore freebie action this New Year’s Eve Eve, with a big old barrel of bashment breaks bizniz. Kowalski: The Remixes finds Jamie Bostron, Chong X, Balkan Riddims, S Strong & Funkanizer and Bossy Ride get their sweaty mitts on Addictive and Dancehall Time off From Colorado To San Francisco by Djtzinas side project Kowalski and deliver two rerubs of the former and three of the latter

S STRONG: Slang 42 (2013)

He might not be the most prolific of bootleggers but S Strong doesn’t piss around when he gets down to business. Last time I caught him, he was all about the mambo breaks. Of late however, it seems he’s caught swing fever – of which Slang 42 is the most recent (and pick) of the bunch. Slang 42, when it’s at home, is a highly cunning Linguistics (Jurassic 5) mash-up with the title track of the

S STRONG: Return Of The Mambo (2012) Free download

Rating: ★★★★★
They might not be having a great time financially but hot damn the Greeks have got the latin breaks thing wired. We’ve had some quality cumbia and boogaloo stuff recently but here’s a wicked little freebie from Stelios Strong named Return Of The Mambo – no prizes for guessing which latin genre he’s raided. Mastered by no less a person than Funkanizer – this puts me in mind of a slightly