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CALIBRO 35: S.P.A.C.E. 7″ Ltd. orange (2016)

SPACE Calibro 35Two things you can be always be sure of when a new Calibro 35 single comes out: reliably mod-funky music and a video worth a watch. In this case the typically retro latter departs from the band’s previous antics in consisting solely of library footage of the Saturn 5 launch. But what kind of music should accompany a small group of weakly smiling astronauts as they enter what is

CALIBRO 35: S.P.A.C.E. (2015)

SPACE Calibro 35You’ve got to have some cojones or a reputation for delivering excellence if you want to open your latest LP with a beatless bit of two-minute instrumental atmospherics that sounds like a generic mood-establishment piece off any sixties/ seventies sci-fi/ horror flick you care to mention. I wouldn’t know about the first but Italian cinematic funksters Calibro 35 certainly have the second –