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ROGER RIVAS: Cool Mood (Ltd. Vinyl 7″)/ Free download

ROGER RIVAS:  Cool Mood (Ltd. Vinyl 7You know how Happy People Records occasionally likes to release a cut by latter-day reggae organ legend Roger Rivas of The Aggrolites/ Night Owls fame? Well here’s the next one – Cool Mood. That’ll be an instrumental Studio One style rocksteady number then will it? Laden with organ parps and riffs as is Mr Rivas’ wont? Certainly will. Wonder what’s on the flip? The A-side versioned in


Versions Night OwlsRating: ★★★★★ Now then, if you’ve been keeping your ear to the ground regarding all things funky reggae in the last year or two, you can’t fail to have happened across L.A. supergroup Night Owls, consisting of musicians from L.A. reggae outfit The Lions and Roger Rivas of the same city’s Aggrolites along with a revolving cast of singers including – deep breath – The Lions’ very own

ROGER RIVAS: 10 Plagues (Vinyl 7″) + Free download

Rating: ★★★★★ Keyboardist Roger Rivas goes full Jackie Mittoo on his latest 45 10 Plagues on a label long known for being a guardian of the retro reggae sound – Happy People Records. The track effortlessly conjures the ‘sound of ’69’ with its upbeat organ groove and is arguably the best solo effort yet from the man also known for his work as keyboardist and founder member of L.A. ‘dirty

ROGER RIVAS: Wild Island b/w Midnight Calling (Vinyl 7″)

ROGER RIVAS:  Wild Island b/w Midnight CallingHere’s news, (and not for the first time today) of a limited 45 coming in the early part of 2021 from the Happy People Records label – this time from Roger Rivas. As regular MB readers will know, Rivas is the organist for and a founder member of The Aggrolites – proponents of ‘dirty reggae’ i.e. their L.A. take on the boss reggae sound of ’69. Here however, the grooves are rhythmically inspired by the rocksteady era

THE SAN ANTONES: Riverwalkin’ Love Ranger

THE SAN ANTONES:  Riverwalkin' Love RangerNever underestimate the love of non-Jamaicans with big tattoos for retro-reggae – The San Antones for example whose new LP, Riverwalkin’ Love Ranger is just out. Indeed, it might almost have been called ‘Rivas’-walkin’ Love Ranger, given the omnipresent organ-playing of Roger Rivas (who also produced the album) from L.A.’s dirty-reggae kings The Aggrolites. And while the