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RODNEY P feat. LANRE SULOLA: Untitled 7″ (2017)

RODNEY P feat. LANRE SULOLA:  Untitled 7You may have caught Rodney P’s recent single and love(-hate) letter to London, Untitled, on BBC4 doc. Hip-Hop World News back in the autumn. Underpinned by funky drums, synth bass and moody piano, things were kept real on the mic by spoken word artist Lanre Sulola (who provided the opening bars) and, subsequently, the heavy vocal artillery of Rodney P himself. And now for Record

TITAN SOUND: Watch That Riddim Killa (2013) Free download

If DJ Maars’ Summer Soundbowy EP staged a ‘raid on JStar territory’ last week with its marriage of hip-hop vocals and dubbier reggae beats (as opposed to ska ones), Titan Sound (a.k.a Selecta Demo and Pappa Demus) have practically invaded and occupied JStar territory. Why? Because they’ve delivered a reggae booty broadside that actually uses a JStar original riddim in the shape of