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JIMI NEEDLES: Jazz Trippin (2015)

Jazz Trippin Jimi NeedlesOh hello, what’s this then? It’s a throughly modern Jimi (Needles) with his new single Jazz Trippin‘. Shall we swing? Why not I’ll put my car keys in the bo- oh you mean the music, why yes, I’d love that even more – all that ‘slap, slap, slap – oh that’s too hard’ business. Nothing sexual at all, merely a choice bit of electro swing – though if that gets any latterday slap…er, I mean flappers excited

DJ ROAST BEATZ: Roc Star Promo Mix Summer (2014)

Rocstar promo mix DJ Roast BeatzIt’s all about the Roc Star lifestyle these days for DJ Roast Beatz. Oh what? Luxury tourbuses and cocaine riders? Snorting ants and driving cars into swimming pools? Shooting out TV screens and riding motorbikes down first floor hallways? Smashing guitars and stage diving? Blow jobs in the dressing room and masturbating models with Mars bars back at the hotel? Oh I see – you


What with all the nufunk and ghetto funk around in the last couple of years it’s almost been like traditional funky b-boy breaks had taken a back seat on the funk-based breaks scene. Having said that, this year alone has seen big efforts from DJ Format, Hero 7 and Mash & Munkee and now Krash Slaughta too – a man who was doing it in Baghdad when lots of ghetto funkers were still in their dad’s bags.