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TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 6 (2015)

Tasty Beats Vol. 6 Tru FunkSee. I told you Tru Funk wasn’t dead. Here’s Tasty Beats Vol. 6 to prove it. Max Revolt‘s got a chunky party breaks Funky Feelin’, Warson beats Chris Brown (it’s only fair) into disco-shape onto Funky Kiss and Morlack‘s got an electro-ish Hot Sheila. Also present and correct are Freethinker Funk Essence who brings the spacey but again electro-flavoured The Ballad Of Acid Joe &

DJ KID STRETCH: Get It On The Floor (2014)

Get It On The Floor EP DJ Kid StretchGet It On The Floor? Whatever could DJ Kid Stretch be referring to on his new EP? Drugs? Sex? The experience of having your fresh fat laces trodden on by some blundering elephant with two left feet? Then again, perhaps it’s not the answer to a question. Maybe ‘it’ is your ass and he’s issuing a firm command. Cheeky. One thing is certain, either the disco breaks original or one of the disco breaks

FUNKOSOL: Fresh Beats Vol. 2 (2013)

It’s whole lotta bumps time from Chudy‘s Funkosol label already as Fresh Beats Vol. 2 delivers a slew of ghetto funky edits and mash-ups from one of the scene’s newest labels. The Man From DelMonty says ‘yes’ to a Ghetto Funk Icons-style edit of The Spin Doctors’ Two Princes, Robinson Grooves moves your feet with the sort of bass-heavy rework of early nineties style house-y

TRU FUNK: Nu Party Breaks Vol. 4 (2012)

Ahhh the party breaks/ funky breaks/ ghetto funk compilation – you’re never quite sure what the content will include these days. Bit of glitch hop? Er – alright, yeah. Drum n bass? Not really my bag, man. Moombahton? No ta. Dubstep? Fuck off. Which is where Tru Funk come in. The missing ‘e’ indicates that we’re all modern ‘n shit but there is actually a clear link with the thang that James