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SHARON JONES: Pick It Up Lay It In The Cut (MANOSJMT RIP Edit) Free download

pick-it-up-lay-it-in-the-cut-sharon-jones-manosjmt-editFor the second time in a fortnight the world has lost a great singer and for the second time in a fortnight Manosjmt commemorates those we have lost with an edit. This time he salutes latter-day soul queen Sharon Jones with a subtle beat re-tweak of the lickin stick groove of early work Pick It Up, Lay It In The Cut which appeared on Jones debut LP – Dap Dippin With The Dap

LEONARD COHEN: Different Sides (MANOSJMT RIP Edit)(2016) Free download

different-sides-leonard-cohen-manosjmt-rip-editWhat with all the despair last week that a man named after a guff has become US president elect, it may have slipped under people’s radar that the person arguably most suited to giving voice to said despair has sadly passed away. No doubt in utter disgust. And who can blame him? I refer of course to none other than the ‘prophet of despair’ himself – a.k.a. ‘laughing’ Leonard Cohen. Happily