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DEEP STREET SOUL: ‘Look Out, Watch Out’ LP (2011) + tracklist + EPK video

Rating: ★★★★★
Look Out, Watch Out is the second LP from Oz band Deep Street Soul and – well – it’s pretty much the main shit when it comes to twenty-first century funk with the dirty soul of sixties grooves. It’s all about the grit see? And just as with the raw original rnb and northern soul of The Excitements LP in the spring and the chunky grooves of T Bird & The Breaks’ second album

RANDA & THE SOUL KINGDOM: What You Need (2011) + tracklist

Second LP for this highly respected Aussie funk and soul outfit and it seems like Randa Khamis and The Soul Kingdom have been engaging in a bit of generic expansionism resulting in annexation of the surrounding territories of disco and northern soul whilst maintaining a firm grasp over their original funky dominion. Indeed What You Need has been done so well I’d be hard put to classify it as anything than a super tight set