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SMOOVE: Redropped 1: String Island / Boogie Island (Vinyl 7″)

See? This is exactly what I was talking about last week when posting about Smoove’s Multitrack Reworks Vol. 1 disco 12″ – this man never has just one iron in the fire. Next up is this vinyl 7″ Redropped 1 with Smoove delivering two different but equally ‘force’ful versions (see what I did there?) of that ol’ Strong Island sound. First up is the mellow one. That’ll be String Island then, on

SOULBRIGADA: Help / Love U Baby (RESENSE 048) (Vinyl 7″)

SOULBRIGADA: Help /  Love U Baby (RESENSE 048) (Vinyl 7?)Rating: ★★★★★ …and the second of two massive 45 booties from the Resense label today is a brace of superhot funky soul bangers from that man Soulbrigada. First up is Help – an extended, beat-heavy (but tastefully done) and very slightly sped-up rerub of a certain northern soul heater from Jackie Wilson that’ll have them helpless on the dancefloor. Big as that is however, it’s arguably

MAKO & MR BRISTOW: ‘Stank Soul Edits Vol. 3’ (Vinyl 7″)(2017)

MAKO & MR BRISTOW:  'Stank Soul Edits Vol. 3' 7Looks like the cat is already out of the bag on this one so little reason to hang fire about the fact that Mako & Mr Bristow are to follow up their mighty double 7 inch 2015 Resense edit drops with a Stank Soul Edits Vol. 3 45 (Resense 043) early this autumn. This time around the pair dig-up an old southern soul ballad on the one hand and a late-night love song on the other, re-flipping them as

MAKO & MR BRISTOW: ‘Stank Soul Edits. Vol. 1 & Vol. 2’ seven inches (2015)

Resense 041 042 Mako Mr BristowIt’s another ‘no buses for ages and then three come at once’ deal as, breathing down the neck of the forthcoming Resense 040 will be Resense 041 and 042 – not one but two simultaneously released sets of funky soul edits on seven inch wax from Mako & Mr Bristow! I know! Four cuts from the golden era of funk and soul – two well-known; two obscure – re-touched subtly enough

MATAHARI SONS: Resense 039 (2015)

Resense 39 Matahari SonsGood lord! Has it really been over a year since Resense 038? Never mind, Matahari Sons are here with a touch of the exotic to make amends for the edit imprint’s prolonged absence. For which read a drum n bass look at The Doors’ My Wild Love and a latin-psych-rock version of Wayne G’s pumping house anthem featuring Stewart Who. I never thought I’d say this but I’ve never been so

RENEGADES OF JAZZ: Green Leaf Woman/ Verano Del Corazon (Resense 036)(2013)

It’s always a mark of quality when you see the names Renegades Of Jazz or Resense adorning a release and here they both are on Resense 036 which slipstreamed Ree Keen’s Resense 035 into my inbox. Yes, the Austrian label has teamed up with German artist ROJ in a summery union of party grooves. Green Leaf Woman is a organic breaksy rework of what sounds like energetic west

RESENSE 021: Djtzinas ‘Cienaguera Bass’/ Panama Cardoon ‘Carmen’ (2011)

Rating: ★★★★★
Just too late for the June monkeyboxing chart comes this 45 from Austrian label Resense and it’s cumbia agogo. On the one side is Djtzinas’ 185 bpm, Cienaguera Bass which is all very well if you like to indulge in a little drum n bass but it’s the wider appeal of the feel-good hip-hop speed Carmen from Panama Cardoon that rules.

ANDY TAYLOR: Bank Of Panama – 2010 – 7” single review

Rating: ★★★★★ Austria’s Resense label ought to be renamed ‘See sense’ for this one which, as far as the monkey is aware, is a long overdue second vinyl release for the criminally under-exposed Andy Taylor – Smoove’s Wack label having been the first to see the light earlier this year. A monkeyboxing favourite for mad long – Bank Of Panama is a b-boy-friendly slice of pumped-up boogaloo breaks that will have dancefloors rammed. And you can take that to the…er…bank.
(Out now on Resense Records)