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SAM REDMORE: On The One (Vinyl 7″)

New Jalapeno signing Sam Redmore is all On The One on his debut 45 with Renegade Brass Band and emcee/ poet Mr Auden Allen. Is this a celebration of the rhythmic structure of the funk or a call for racial unity? Turns out it’s both – or maybe we should say ‘all one’ to those concerned. Expect frantic rolling drum breaks, Latin percussive and piano stylings and more brass than


RENEGADE BRASS BAND:  TotemsHas it really been three years since Renegade Brass Band’s debut LP Rhymes, Beats & Brass? It seems so and thus high time for a follow-up which they have duly provided in the form of splendiforous nine-tracker Totems which weighs in at one track longer than its predecessor. Only nine tracks? Damn straight – and even that requires a monumental amount of puff (not that kind) in a

RENEGADE BRASS BAND: Rhymes, Beats & Brass (Remixed) (2015)

Rhymes Beats Brass Remixed Renegade Brass BandDamn! It’s summer – and you haven’t had enough brass band vibes since Renegade Brass Band‘s Rhymes, Beats & Brass came out earlier in the year. If only somebody could be brassed to do – say – a remix album at the very least. But wait a minute – what’s this? Why it’s the Rhymes, Beats & Brass Remixed LP – problem solved! Yes, a respectable assortment of production types have

RENEGADE BRASS BAND: Rhymes, Beats & Brass (2014)

Rhymes Beats Brass Renegade Brass BandWhat’s brassier than Bo Selecta’s Scary Spice impression and blows harder than a desperate crack whore? Renegade Brass Band of course! Consisting of 8 – er – blowers, 2 percussionists, a scratch dj, a live MC (and a partridge in a pear tree), the 12 piece outfit return in August with beats and rhymes about life on their debut album