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KOWALSKI (a.k.a. DJTZINAS): Remixes EP (2015) Free download

Remixes KowalskiMore freebie action this New Year’s Eve Eve, with a big old barrel of bashment breaks bizniz. Kowalski: The Remixes finds Jamie Bostron, Chong X, Balkan Riddims, S Strong & Funkanizer and Bossy Ride get their sweaty mitts on Addictive and Dancehall Time off From Colorado To San Francisco by Djtzinas side project Kowalski and deliver two rerubs of the former and three of the latter

DUB PISTOLS: Pistoleros (Remixes) EP (2015)

Pistoleros Dub Pistols RemixesGenre-mashing gunslingers the Dub Pistols return next month with new single Pistoleros, the lead single off album Return Of The Pistoleros which is also out next month. Combining a Mexican horns fanfare with drum n bass rhythms, the original has very much the vibe of the General Mapache’s permanently pissed and crazy army in Sam Peckinpah’s The Wild Bunch and comes with a