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BASEMENT FREAKS feat. KYLIE AUDLIST: White Hot/ JOHN TURRELL: Won’t Get Fooled Again (BASEMENT FREAKS remix)(Vinyl 7″)

Yet another 45 on the way and this time it’s double funky action from the Jalapeno Records camp with a Basement Freaks and Kylie Auldist collab. on the one hand and a Basement Freaks remix of a John Turrell cut on t’other. The first cut sees Mr Freaks simplify the squelchy jangling JB’s-style beat of two year old album number White Hot from his Time Machine LP into something more

J BOOG: Live Up (DUBMATIX remix)

J BOOG:  Live Up (DUBMATIX remix)Rating: ★★★★★ Dubmatix strikes again by finding the bass in J Boog’s original Live Up (admittedly not a tricky task with a reggae track) and then whacking the gain right up and boosting the drums for this mighty rub-a-dub remix. And that’s pretty much it. And there’ll be no complaints because the original was already a dope tune with a super soulful vibe so didn’t need much fixing. Frankly there couldn’t be a more fitting opening to Oneness Records’ admirable if doomed attempt to prevent the onset of winter through the power of reggae music on their mammoth twenty-track Oneness Remixed compilation.

JUKE JOINTS: Suit & Tie (SHAN FRENZIE remix)/ Without Da Funk (HOOPTY & A BAKERS DOZEN Tabu edit)(Vinyl 7″)

JUKE JOINTS:  Suit & Tie (SHAN FRENZIE remix)/ Without Da Funk (HOOPTY & A BAKERS DOZEN Tabu edit)(Vinly 7Rating: ★★★★★ It’s been a while since a decent cheeky version of something has made its way monkey-wards and what do you know – here are two at the same time! That’ll be Oz-based Juke Joints crew then whose Shan Frenzie is up first with a belt and braces funk version of JT’s Suit & Tie. I think we all know JT’s original version started out all chopped and screwed and then forty


ARETHA FRANKLIN:  Won't Be Long (MANOSJMT Remix)It seems the Queen of Soul is the favourite singer of Manosjmt (i.e. he of the nifty Rag N Bone Man/ Human remix from the other year) although frankly Aretha Franklin is almost certainly top of a large proportion of the world population’s favourite singer lists such was her skill. But if you’re a remixer and your favourite singer sadly passes, you might feel you want to give something back

QUANTIC: We Got Soul (ROB LIFE remix)/ Fresh Rhythm (Vinyl 7″)

QUANTIC:  We Got Soul (ROB LIFE remix)/ Fresh Rhythm (Vinyl 7Back at the turn of the millenium, multi-instrumentalist and producer Will Holland, a.k.a. Quantic, emerged out of darkest Worcestershire, and attracted a lot of attention as a fully-formed purveyor of ‘cinematic breaks’-cum-electronica with the 2001 LP The 5th Exotic. Now, a million albums later, he’s a globe-trotting purveyor of everything from cumbia to drum n bass and lives


CHIC:  Good Times (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Remix)Back in 1979, Chic weren’t best pleased at Sugarhill Gang’s unauthorised sampling of Good Times – even though it wasn’t actually sampled but re-played. Now of course there’s a list as long as both your arm of tracks which have either sampled or replayed this legendary disco nugget, so who knows what the band would make of the Good Times Rhythm Scholar Remix. Of course

STRETCH: Why Did You Do It? (STEPPIN’ TONES re-edit) free download + Chambers Of Funk Part 1 mix

STRETCH:  Why Did You Do It? (STEPPIN' TONES re-edit) free download + Chambers Of Funk Part 1 mixSteppin’ Tones makes up for a few quiet months by returning with both a new edit and a new mix. The edit is his re-version Stretch’s 1975 (and only) single, Why Did You Do It? Oh what – white rock band Stretch made up of Elmer Gantry (real name Dave) and Curved Air’s Kirby (real name Graham)? Yes, the very same. But as any student of hip-hop should know, white rock in the 70s

HOLLIE COOK: Stay Alive (HEMPOLICS remix) + extra tour dates

HOLLIE COOK:  Stay Alive (HEMPOLICS remix) + extra tour datesHollie Cook’s star continues to rise following the release of her rather good third album, Vessel Of Love, so much so in fact that a Hempolics remix of album track Stay Alive has been released and Cook’s world tour has been extended. Where the original LP version (produced by Youth of Killing Joke) employs dubby, electronica-tinged reggae, The Hempolics jettison the electronica and dub shit

BILL WITHERS: Use Me (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Mo Funk Remix) Free download

BILL WITHERS:  Use Me (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Mo Funk Remix) Free downloadIt takes a brave soul (or a presumptive one) to add funk to a cut by soul legend Bill Withers – in this case his second biggest Stateside hit Use Me – but such is the claim in the title of Rhythm Scholar’s Mo Funk remix. Happily, there is no hubris from RS who capably sidesteps any egregious rerub pitfalls and engineers a rhythm n bottom-end, chunked-up re-version whilst

IZO FITZROY: Say Something

IZO FITZROY:  Say SomethingRight, new Izo FitzRoy single out – Say Something. No, not you, doofus! That’s the name of the single! Third track off last year’s Skyline album, you may remember – rolls along on a cracking drum break, decorated with a jazzy bit of piano while FitzRoy lambasts an unsupportive lover in her bluesy rasp? What could improve on that? Well, the singles package