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JURASSIC 5: What’s Golden (TOY BEATS remix) Free download

JURASSIC 5:  What's Golden (TOY BEATS remix) Free downloadIt’s been over a month since the last free download on MB but never fear for Toy Beats is here neither balling nor shot-calling but taking it back to What’s Golden. That’s right, we break this extended period of musical privation with TB’s rerub of the biggest track off the mighty Jurassic 5’s 2002 LP Power In Numbers. Now fifteen bpms faster than the original, the track finds Zaakir

SNOOP DOGG: Drop It Like It’s Hot (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Pastel Pimp remix)

SNOOP DOGG: Drop It Like It's Hot (RHYTHM SCHOLAR Pastel Pimp remix)Pastel Pimp remix? I like the sound of that. And what more appropriate title could there be for a remix of Snoop’s planet-sized hit which replaces the original beat with a seventies-sampling frankenstein’s monster of a groove that nabs bits of soundtrack from The Mack, Carwash, Magnum Force and Rollerball? I like the sound of that too. Swirling wah-wah, rolling funk drums, piano

SNOOP DOGG: Snoop’s Upside Ya Head (BRUNO BORLONE Remix)

SNOOP DOGG: Snoop's Upside Ya Head (BRUNO BORLONE Remix)Chilean producer Bruno Borlone’s been away for a while but as you’ll hear, he still seems to be doggystylin’ on Edit Row with shit locked down and sewed up on the first of two Snoop Dogg remixes today. This particular one finds one Calvin Broadus Jr. well and truly upside your head on Borlone’s version of – er – Snoop’s Upside Ya Head. Out goes the minimal G-funk fuzz of the original and in

THE TEMPTATIONS: Ball Of Confusion (BASEMENT FREAKS remix) Free download

THE TEMPTATIONS: Ball Of Confusion (BASEMENT FREAKS remix) Free downloadAnyone familiar with The Temptations’ funky psych-soul single Ball Of Confusion from 1970 will know two things about it. Firstly, that it provides a lyrical commentary on a society in turmoil and secondly, it is such an epic track it would take balls of steel to remix. What manner of remixer would dare? Well, it seems that someone who doesn’t baulk at such a challenge is a certain George

RALPH WEEKS: ‘Let Me Do My Thing’ re-press + VOODOOCUTS Remix (Vinyl 7″)

RALPH WEEKS: 'Let Me Do My Thing' re-press + VOODOOCUTS Remix (Vinyl 7Rating: ★★★★★ Alright, so it’s a bit longer than a month between releases this time but who’s going to complain if it’s this large – only a 45 re-press of Ralph Weeks’ massive Panamanian funk bomb Let Me Do My Thing! One of the monkey’s favourite Latin funk tracks ever, the 1971 original – recorded by Weeks with band Los Dinamicos


NICOLE WILLIS & BANDA PALOMITA: I Call Your Name (SMOOVE remix)You’re Nicole Willis, you’ve got a brand new band (Banda Palomita), you’ve got a brand new musical bag that’s heavy on the 80s influences and you need a remix of your electro boogie single, I Call Your Name. So who you gonna call? No, not Ghostbusters! You’re going to call Smoove and get him to don his disco hat, and I think we all know that is a very ‘disco’ hat indeed. He’ll probably

JSTAR feat BLACKOUT J.A: All I Have (JOE REVELL remix)

JSTAR feat BLACKOUT J.A: All I Have (JOE REVELL remix) Looks like JStar’s maintaining a higher profile this year since here is his second single already though culled, somewhat unusually, from nearly three year old album Stand To Order. Then again – it is a remix, and one by Kiwi Joe Revell no less – a man who clearly revels (thank you I’m here all week!) in the fact that all he has (and another one!) is a great big rolling drum break. He uses it

BASEMENT FREAKS feat. KYLIE AUDLIST: White Hot/ JOHN TURRELL: Won’t Get Fooled Again (BASEMENT FREAKS remix)(Vinyl 7″)

Yet another 45 on the way and this time it’s double funky action from the Jalapeno Records camp with a Basement Freaks and Kylie Auldist collab. on the one hand and a Basement Freaks remix of a John Turrell cut on t’other. The first cut sees Mr Freaks simplify the squelchy jangling JB’s-style beat of two year old album number White Hot from his Time Machine LP into something more

J BOOG: Live Up (DUBMATIX remix)

J BOOG:  Live Up (DUBMATIX remix)Rating: ★★★★★ Dubmatix strikes again by finding the bass in J Boog’s original Live Up (admittedly not a tricky task with a reggae track) and then whacking the gain right up and boosting the drums for this mighty rub-a-dub remix. And that’s pretty much it. And there’ll be no complaints because the original was already a dope tune with a super soulful vibe so didn’t need much fixing. Frankly there couldn’t be a more fitting opening to Oneness Records’ admirable if doomed attempt to prevent the onset of winter through the power of reggae music on their mammoth twenty-track Oneness Remixed compilation.

JUKE JOINTS: Suit & Tie (SHAN FRENZIE remix)/ Without Da Funk (HOOPTY & A BAKERS DOZEN Tabu edit)(Vinyl 7″)

JUKE JOINTS:  Suit & Tie (SHAN FRENZIE remix)/ Without Da Funk (HOOPTY & A BAKERS DOZEN Tabu edit)(Vinly 7Rating: ★★★★★ It’s been a while since a decent cheeky version of something has made its way monkey-wards and what do you know – here are two at the same time! That’ll be Oz-based Juke Joints crew then whose Shan Frenzie is up first with a belt and braces funk version of JT’s Suit & Tie. I think we all know JT’s original version started out all chopped and screwed and then forty