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SWING NINJAS: My Belle – FRESHLY SQUEEZED remix competition (2016)

Swing Ninjas Remix Freshly SqueezedAlright – who likes to swing? No, not that kind – don’t be immature. I’m on about the electro-swing kind. Why? Because label Freshly Squeezed are offering up the stems of Swing Ninjas’ jaunty My Belle for all comers to have a go at. Actually that does sound a bit like the other kind of swinging after all doesn’t it? Although, truth be told, if you’re on a remix tip you don’t even have to be a

THE NEW MASTERSOUNDS: ‘I Want You To Stay’ Remix competition (2014)

Remix New MastersoundsFancy remastering the Metersounds? Oops, my bad, I mean remixing the Mastersounds? UK funk giants The New Mastersounds are offering up the stems for chilled neo-soul groove I Want You Stay from forthcoming album Therapy for you to get your grubby hands on. The lucky winner(s) get to drop a release on the next New Mastersounds vinyl 45! Listen to the track below and download

KRAFTY KUTS: Instant Vibes present ‘Work That Body’ remix competition (2013)

Work That Body – it’s a popular song title: Diana Ross, disco diva Taana Gardner, Michael Jackson and US/ Okinawan Beni Orashiro have all used it. Oh and Krafty Kuts. Guess who did the 130 bpm old school electro-themed one featuring Odd Future’s Mike G for their recent album. I’ll give you a clue – it wasn’t Diana Ross, Michael Jackson, Taana Gardner or Beni Orashiro. Anyway – it’s up

TOO MANY Ts: ‘1992’ video + remix competition (2013)

Rating: ★★★★★ Strutting round lighting cigars off wads of bank notes, and bragging about how great they are? Contrary to expectations, not a bunch of braying investment bankers from the city but rather a pair who are inevitably going to end up being called the UK Beastie Boys. I say ‘end up’ – they already have been – though not by the monkey. It’s Too Many Ts of course – never strangers to straight-up party

LAURA VANE & THE VIPERTONES: 110% (2011) Remix competition

Dutch/ English deep funkers Laura Vane & The Vipertones released their second LP Sugar Fix on Unique earlier this year and now there’s a remix album in the works. However, it seems they’ve realised they’re short a track. This is where you come in. Download the stems of 110% off the Sugar Fix album and get to work because if you win, your track will be on the remix LP

RAY HARRIS & THE FUSION EXPERIENCE: ‘Scaramunga’ Remix competition – Closing date extended!

Yes, this is the second slice of jazzy action today on monkeyboxing.com. Don’t worry – we haven’t come over all contrapuntal – it’s simply a means of pointing out a way to remedy the nigh-omnipresent ‘j’ word this week – in other words supercool Italian label Record Kicks are running a remix competition. Now’s your chance to do the decent thing with Ray Harris’s Scaramunga – details below (N.B. COMPETITION CLOSING DATE NOW EXTENDED to 31st MAY). If it was up to me – I’d slow the bpms right down, jack the drums and bass right up, chop up the hook and find a rapper somewhere – Q-Tip say – to lay down some verbals – Native Tongues style. But then I haven’t heard enough good hip hop recently…
(PRESS RELEASE) RAY HARRIS & THE FUSION EXPERIENCE are out now with an EP (available on 12″/Digital Download), and scheduled to release their self-titled full-length in all the best stores worldwide on April 12th, though you can already buy it exclusively on the RK website. To celebrate Record Kicks has partnered with Juno and Souncloud to give you the chance to show off your production skills with a remix competition of single “Scaramunga”. So DJs and producers out there pay close attention as the winner will get their work released on Record Kicks, score a bunch of RK 45s, a £50 voucher from Juno and a free premium account on Soundcloud!!!
CLICK HERE for full details and rules at recordkicks.com

Ray Harris & The Fusion Experience – Myspace