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JPRIME: Boom Boom EP (2017)

It’s always worth sparing some time to listen to JPrime, even when (or perhaps especially when) he’s named his latest drop after the catchphrase of Basil Brush. The four tracks on the Boom Boom EP should certainly have you wiggling about like an excitable glove puppet though (thankfully without the aid of a glove puppeteer’s hand) due to plenty of big farty bass, crisp drums and hooks culled

JPRIME: Ill-Fixed EP (2016)

ill-fixed-ep-jprimeThe Relative Dimensions label follow their recent release of Hipsta’s excellent Re-Hop EP with another quality drop in the form of JPrime‘s Ill-Fixed EP which sees them rival Bomb Strikes in terms of who’s had the best ghetto funk cuts out this year. The five-tracker starts on an itchy, glitchy tip with almost-title track Illfix, switches to the electro-tinged Put Ya Hands Up and Funkfried

HIPSTA: Re-Hop EP (2016)

re-hop-ep-hipstaRating: ★★★★★ “What up my Hipsta?”
“Got this new EP out.”
“Oh word? What’s the 411?”
“Oh you know – man give The Pharcyde, Imagine This and MC Lyte a bumpin’ ghetto funk makeover.”
“What you might call a re-hop, then?”

LEYGO: Wake N Bake (2016)

Wake N Bake EP LeygoWake N Bake? This’ll certainly wake you up, it’ll more or less bake your mind too. Fresh from Leygo-land are three peak-time slabs of dancehall wobble. The first of these re-positions the Sleng Teng riddim in the midst of grinding ghetto funk while Heading High takes Mr Vegas’ 90s hit Heads High, applies digi drums and ventures towards junglist speeds – albeit with a drum pattern that’s

THE KURNEL MC: The Wanderer (2016)

The Wanderer EP Kurnel MCThey call him the wanderer, they call him the wanderer, he likes to roam around, around, around. He certainly does since the UK is pretty much as far from Aotearoa as a body can get. Who am I talking about? The Kurnel MC of course, though surely the central issue is – does the Kiwi emcee rhyme like a nut? All the signs (not to mention sounds) are good on The Wanderer EP

MONSTAFUNK: Hiding In The Bushes (2016) + No Giggady free download

Hiding In The Bushes MonstafunkWell – gwapple me gwapenuts – so that’s where Monstafunk has been since his last Things That Go Funk In The Night welease – hiding in the bushes. With David Bellamy. Bal-limey! Still – the process has been a fertile one and yielded four rather vigorous slabs of party breaks. Into the blender have gone the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Kanye West and a

MASSEVIL: Welcome To Velo City (2015)

Welcome To Velo City MassevilIt’s from Eccentric City to Velo City as the most wicked man in party breaks, Massevil, returns with new release Welcome To Velo City and predates on a number of well known samples to satisfy his black desires. Al Wilson gets a pounding soul n bass update, a Prince Buster skank gets a good glitching, a certain pioneering electro blues cut is given a boom-glitch update and the filters

MONSTAFUNK: Things That Go Funk In The Night (2014)

Things That Go Funk In The Night MonstafunkThe ghetto funk/ breaks universe not cheesy enough for you at the minute? Fear not – Monstafunk will be along in mid September with the breakbeat equivalent of a kilo of warm Limburger. No prizes for guessing that there’s a Backstreet Boys flavour to opener Backstreet’s Wack but be warned that there is also a Will Smith rind. Follow-up Creepy, provides a slightly less pungent TLC-

CHAMBER: Flip Like A Renegade (2014)

Flip Like A Renegade ChamberHow about a little Chamber music? No, not that kind. Relative Dimensions decide that warping great electro blues-funk break Flip Like A Renegade from Beat Kitchen resident Chamber was just too good not to remix. So they’ve had it remixed – by Doc Moody who flips like Aphrodite, El Bomba who flips like 90s big beat, Leygo who flips like he’s a ghetto Robert Johnson, Sketi who flips like he’s

MORLACK: Loose Booty (2014)

Loose Booty MorlackJesus – Morlack must eat, sleep and shit breakbeat music. By my reckoning he has a release out on average once a month and that’s not even taking into account the odd freebie he puts out as well or remix packages like next month’s massive Morlack Refunkafized offering from BBP. And we’re not talking about singles either – it’s usually a multi-track EP if it’s not