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CON FUNK SHUN: ConFunkShunIzeYa (CHARLIE BEALE Regrooved Edit) (2017) Free download

confunkshunizeya-charie-beale-regrooved-editOffer up your thanks to that man Charlie Beale for the year’s first freebie on MB – his Regrooved Edit of Con Funk Shun’s ConFunkShunIzeYa. Aside from co-opting torturous puns (Con-Funk-Shun was actually the name of a Nite-Liters song) Con Funk Shun were also responsible for no fewer than thirteen LPs between ’73 and ’86 including ’77’s Secrets from which the original ConFunkShunIzeYa

MIDNIGHT STAR: I’ve Been Watching You (CHARLIE BEALE Regrooved edit)(2016)

ive-been-watching-you-midnight-starThe third and final free download of the day comes from Charlie Beale – latterly more associated with electro-blues but who, on this occasion, has come over all disco on his ‘Regrooved’ edit of 1981 nugget I’ve Been Watching You by 70s and 80s disco fiends Midnight Star. Out goes the cheese and in comes a heavier pumping beat with extended intro sections. The ladies’ll love it which